Tarotscopes for 9/9 – 9/15/2012

I hope you have an awesome week. Let me know how last week was. Thanks so much for sharing this as well.

AQ 10P Celebrate hard work. Success is in the bag. Future requires sunglasses. Dedicate yrslf to family/community for biggest reward.

PIC 8P Get to it. Stop procrastinating. Learn yr craft. Take that class. Each piece better than the last. Apprentice yrslf to life.

ARI 8W They’ll throw it all at U this wk. Remember U can (& should) delegate. Trip might be necessary. Fast & furious is the theme.

TAU Sun Embrace life. Let yrslf shine. Focus on home/hearth for best results. Health important so make that appt, procrastinator!

GEM 7Swd U steal from yr own joy when U overfocus on self-criticism. Mind yr own hula hoop. Don’t let others take away yr focus.

CAN KnSwd Be ready. Mental challenges coming yr way. Rise above petty quarrels. STAY OUT OF OFFICE POLITICS. Move yr thoughts higher.

LEO KP Ruler of yr castle. Focus on budget & making money grow. Yes, U can buy that 1 indulgence. Others ask for $. Just say no.

VIR KCps Enjoy yr moment. Indulge in a bit of libation. Accept what is brought to U. No time to be shy. Family & friends support you.

LIB QCps Emotions shouldn’t own U. Don’t allow anyone to upset yr equilibrium. ESPECIALLY U. Guide w/ love. Avoid manipulation.

SCO 3Wnd It will all come together. Have all the pieces in place. Use this time to prepare for what U really want. Focus forward.

SAG PCps Dreaming of getting away only works if U book a ticket. Don’t waste tears on those who don’t care. Lift a glass w/ friends.

CAP PSwd Where can yr thoughts take U? Sharpen yr focus to go higher. Dedicated attention will be rewarded. Up up & away is imminent. (featured image on today’s blog post)

Today’s deck? Steampunk Tarot from Llewellyn Books (2011) & Barbara Moore. Gears, bustles & magic! Seek Joy, y’all.

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