Ponies, Wishes & Needles

Today’s card is from a lovely oracle that I really love. It’s an unusual one and a bit complicated at first. But once you get the system? Whoa! Lots of fun.

What’s not to love about the message of a sincere wish being granted? But the kicker here is this.

What constitutes a sincere wish? How much effort do you have to put into it? Can you just say, “I wish I had a pony” and expect Prince to be prancing on the patio by noon?

Yeah. No.

Wishes, desires, manifestations. No matter what you call them, they require work. You have to engage your psyche on a regular basis.

I advocate speaking the desire as though it’s already happened. So instead of “I wish I had an iPhone app for my Tarotscopes” I say “I have an iPhone app for my Tarotscopes.”

I actually did this for my first desktop computer and got an old handme down that was quite serviceable for what I needed. Ahhh, the good old days of telnetting into Grex. But I digress!

When you thread your needle, you are activating that part of your brain that understands you are going to sew now. If you just sit there thinking, “Gee, I should mend that tear” and never thread the needle?

Well, you are just wasting your wishes. Here is someone local to me who is not wasting their wishes. Can you help them reach this desire?

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Needle and Thread, Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, U.S. Games 2011

Highly recommended!

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