Weekly Tarotscopes 9/2 – 9/8/2012

  • AQ 8Air Discussions only work if U listen as much or MORE than U talk. Stay open. Share. Honest declarations pay off. Listen.
  • PIC Lovers Spiritual connections could be strengthened by embracing yrslf as much as them. Accept tokens of affection.
  • ARI GrdFir Are U tending yr own flame? Are U nurturing yr own spirit? Are U chopping the wood necessary to maintain U? WHY NOT?
  • TAU 7Fir Sometimes U have to do it all. It’s okay. U can handle it. Strike while the iron is hot. Write while the words are there.
  • GEM 8Earth They learn from U but U should learn from them. Best teacher is always a student. What hard work must be done? Do it now.
  • CAN Teacher When is a weed not a weed? When U repurpose it. Don’t throw out what can be re-used. This includes people, darlings.
  • LEO EldAir Yr prayers don’t have to be loud to be heard. Music lifts U up this wk. Choose joy over sorrow. Celebrate all lessons.
  • VIR 5Air Their need to rise to the top doesn’t have to be at your expense. Focus on the pieces of the puzzle more than the players.
  • LIB World Myriad possibilities exist. Embrace yr world. Don’t stand apart from it. Connect w/ friends. Commit to being involved.
  • SCO 3Fir What are U waiting for? U need to go there. Invitation is open. Step through that door for real passion in yr life. Dance.
  • SAG 1Wtr Growth necessitates moving into deeper emotional connections. Shore may be safe, but deep water is where they are. Swim.
  • CAP Awakening The next level isn’t supposed to be easy. U are at the brink of transcending. Can U take that next leap of faith?

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