Tarotscopes for 8/26 – 9/1

Tarotscopes for 8/26 – 9/1

AQ 5Wtr Empty? Fill yrslf up. No waiting on others. This is yr me time. Grab it. Indulge in the quiet. Allow it to show U new paths.

PIC Fool Stop! ??? Stop hesitating. Stop 2nd guessing. STOP! Now go. Go forward. Go freely. Go towards that distance joy. Get moving.

ARI Wheel All is possible if U reach. Stretch. Won’t fall in your lap but will dangle from yr fingertips if you REACH. Opportunity.

TAU 6Fire Let yr heart move yr feet. Open up to the warmth of friends. Open up to the possibility of success. See what U want. Dance.

GEM 3Earth Committees can be fun if U get the right mix. Are U being the right mix? Are U focused on friends/family? Laughter needed.

CAN 5Air Careful w/ words. Others may seek to escalate when it isn’t necessary. Rise above. Fly higher than the weasels, darling.

LEO KnFire GRRR, baby, GRRR! If they won’t allow U freedom, U will have to take it. U gotta move, gotta dance, gotta go. Fire it up.

VIR Mag Well! It’s yr time to make things happen. U get to call on yr Power. Tools? Make them if U must. No apologies for brilliance.

LIB Partnerships are the key. Working w/ others brings U joy. Let the little moments become bigger. Make them important. Make yr joy.

SCO 3Air Don’t let past hurts interfere w/ yr present. Write things down. Get crystal clear on what U want from yr new life. Own it.

SAG 4Fire Sacred space can be anywhere. U are the catalyst. U create it. When U see U as sacred, things change. Seek Joy within.

CAP Lightning Change happens. Sudden, painful maybe, but always for the eventual best. Focus on future. Ride this out for now.

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