Tarotscopes for 8/12 – 8/18/2012

  • AQ Lightning Don’t hold too tightly. May be a wild ride. Open up to the experience. Shock & Awe can be momentarily blinding. SURPRISE
  • PIC 9Fire Enlightenment comes when you align all the pieces. Open up to the inspiration but ground it as well. Focus on the paths.
  • ARI Magician What? It is possible. If U focus yr intention, magic happens. U know this. Why are U doubting yourself? Past memories help.
  • TAU 8Fire Fast wk. Have pen/paper handy for inspiration. WRITE IT DOWN. Take that trip. Travel spiritually if not physically. Dance.
  • GEM 3Air Don’t be so critical of self or others. Forgiveness. U can only control what is in your own hula hoop. Sorrow otherwise.
  • CAN Awakening U are rising up to the next level. Let go of old things that anchor U. Lift yr heart up so U can transcend. Get going!
  • LEO EldEarth Take care YOUR projects 1st. Finish what U started then work on what they started. Time to step up if they won’t.
  • VIR 6Wtr Friends gather. Reunion w/ memories. Reminisce about why U are here. Time to renew those bonds that sustain U. Friendship.
  • LIB GrEarth Nurture what U want to harvest. Focus needs to be on growth more than anything else. Always put a little back for later.
  • SCO KnFire Time to BURST out of that shell. Move into passionate self. Fire yourself up! Moving is inevitable so start chair dancing now.
  • SAG 3Earth Time to form a committee. Gather up those who think like you. Start-ups favored. Look to nature for inspiration. Laugh.
  • CAP 9Air Make sure U are listening to the right advice. Don’t let fear be yr guide. Let go of pain. Embrace feeling safe. You are.

Have an awesome week, y’all! Keep seeking joy! See U this afternoon. Sign up now! at 3pm CST.

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