Masks, Authenticity & Strength

Today’s card is one that reminds me it’s hard to be authentic. Being authentic. It’s one of those terms we kick around a lot. I know I do. And then today, I saw this quote.

“Belonging starts with self-acceptance … Believing that you’re enough is what gives you the courage to be authentic.”
— Brené Brown

This is perfect for this 7 of Masks from the Fradella Adventure Tarot. It’s a perennial favorite of mine. He offers up masks as his Cups suit. When I first saw that, I was thrown for a bit. I couldn’t wrap my head around it until I realized the beauty of it. Our emotions can be masks.

Here a figure is choosing which face to wear. The decision to be someone else is something many of us face. How often have you talked about “Today I must be the man in charge” or “I have to go be a soccer mom” or any variation?

Take a moment to ask yourself what masks (or roles) you have in your life. How often are you all of them at once? What would happen if you took corporate legal eagle to the T-ball game?

I think Brene` Brown is right. If this character would choose to just go out as themselves, this matter of choosing who to be that day would melt away. He, and I, must learn to believe that he is enough.

Where do you feel like you are not enough? Where do you feel like you are inadequate to the point of needing to pretend to be someone else?

For today, practice being the most important person in the world–yourself. Allow the world to be blessed with the presence of you–real, authentic, honest. You with your nose that’s too big. You with your stomach that pokes out. You with your child who doesn’t behave beautifully at all times. You with all your insecurities…let them go.

And then tomorrow? Practice this concept again. Yes, some people won’t like you. But you know what?

The authentic you probably doesn’t like them either. And that’s okay. We are not here to hang out with the world. Love the world certainly, but populate your hula hoop neighbors with other authentic people. Leave the masks for those who aren’t strong enough to believe in themselves.

I believe in you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on. Want to show off your own willingness to chase your own bliss? Get yourself a mousepad to remind you. And schedule a reading with me today. I’ll help you examine how to be your most authentic self.

7 of Masks, Fradella Adventure Tarot, U.S. Games, 2003

4 thoughts on “Masks, Authenticity & Strength”

  1. I really like this one, Stephanie. I have never heard of Masks for the Cups but it is very poetic. The 7 always makes me think of internal reflection, so to me it feels like when you are alone but with an audience. Like when you are at a party and you really don’t know anyone. It is at these times that you may need to consider who you want to be in this moment. Do you want to be the life of the party or do you want to just observe people. Perhaps if you have the 7 of Masks you may want to do just that.

    It is a beautiful reading. I always enjoy your perspective!

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