BOOK REVIEW: The Voice Of The Muse: Answering The Call To Write by Mark David Gerson

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The Voice Of The Muse
Mark David Gerson
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“Receive this gift and keep it with you.”

“Listen for the song of your heart. Listen for its rhythm and its words.”

“Living Your Creativity”

Three times I opened this book at random. The messages I received are above. The last is actually a chapter title. I will start this review off with saying I don’t know that this book will appeal to everyone because some people are like the dwarves when Aslan tries to give them beauty. The dwarves still saw ugliness. If you are not prepared to receive the message of this book, stop reading right now.

If you, like me, know that there is a magic to hearing that inner voice and are ready to open up to the Muse, do not read this either. Just go buy the book.

The Voice Of The Muse Answering The Call To Write spoke to me on so many levels. From guided meditations that are simple yet profound to practical lists and advice on writing, Mark David Gerson has truly written a gift of a book. I predict that once you have read it, you will want to send it to people you know.

Don’t mistake this title and think it is some smarmy New Age dribble. I am New Age and I know smarmy–this book is not even close. Gerson’s goal is to show his reader how to listen to themselves while ignoring that inFernal editor so many of us carry. He takes on those of us who are bound to our keyboards as well as those of you who are bound to your pen. His gentle wisdom combines with a great sense of humor creating a book that I will turn to again and again.

Gerson doesn’t shy away from taking personal journeys with his reader. When you immerse yourself in this book, you will feel as though you’ve sat down with someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously yet is very serious about their work. And I’m sure if I — no when I — meet Mark David in person, he will probably have a list in hand. This book has a lot of lists and bulletin points which, for me, makes it so much easier to read. I was able to focus on chunks and didn’t feel as if I needed to forge ahead to the next thing. Pacing is a fine art and Gerson has it down.

Towards the back of the book, Mark David shares the mission of this book. I think this sums up perfectly how I felt about this book.

Mark David Gerson

The Voice Of The Muse Answering The Call To Write is about freedom. Freedom to grow, freedom to create, freedom to write. Through a dynamic blend of motivational essays, inspiring meditions and practical exercises, it nourishes, nurtures and reassures its readers, inspiring them to open their hearts, expand their minds and experience, with ease, a full, creative life.

Mission accomplished, Mark David Gerson. I hope you continue to bring this message to the world. To those reading this, listen to the song of your heart. I think it is probably telling you that you need this book for your own creativity.

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  1. Yes that book does seem to sing out to me. I also like bulletin points as they summarize the important points.

    Thank you for the review

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