Stages, Acting & Ownership

Today’s card makes me a bit of a ham, I’m afraid. You see I’ve trod the boards a bit back in my younger day. Some might tell you that I still do but they are just JEALOUS I tell you. LOL

Seriously, I was in “As You Like It” in college (just one of the ladies, thanks but I got to sing and dance.) “All the world’s a stage” is the quote here, but I can’t help remembering “and we are all players” as the next line. I think. I haven’t Googled that to be sure.

But what are you doing with your stage? Is it ready to be trod upon? Are you ready for your close up? If that woman on Sunset Lane is ready, sure you can be as well.

Stop practicing. Stop rehearsing. Get out there and present what you have. Lingering in the wings only makes you a malingerer (I crack myself up, y’all!) Support crews are wonderful, but they don’t get the big font on the program, do they.

You are worth the big font, darlings. No matter what you do, you are the perfect person doing it. I don’t care that there are a good twenty other Tarot consultants (and I mean GREAT when I say good.) I know that on my stage I am the Queen Bee, the Diva, the Prima Donna. I am my own It Girl.

The Universe has given us all that stage of our very own. It’s up to me (and you) to step out and own that space. Even if that space isn’t the penthouse office in the Trump Towers, it’s still the penthouse of your world. Own it. Love it. Be it. Grab yourself a bumper sticker or an iPad case or a mug to remind yourself that you are a Professional Joy Seeker. Everyone needs to know.

All the world’s a stage. Are you ready to act like it?

The World, Shakespearian Tarot, Diamond Books 1997 (out of print)

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8 thoughts on “Stages, Acting & Ownership”

  1. Love your sense of humor 🙂 Your encouragement /advice is spot on, too: “Stop practicing. Stop rehearsing.” Right on! This is the real deal–this moment can only be lived once so go for it! xo

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