Tarotscopes July 15-21, 2012

Here are this week’s Twitter Tarotscopes all in one place.

  • AQ Sun Peace,Love & Rock&Roll, baby! It’s in the bag now. Make sure U don’t burn out. U are going to be on target. Everyone wants U.
  • PIC 5Fire Expression doesn’t have to be anger. Passion can help U blow off that steam. Mercurial moods can be channeled safely.
  • ARI 1Air Time to emerge. Time to show off yr beauty. Time to ignore the negative nellies. Spread yr wings. U will soar, I promise.
  • TAU 2Cps Personal relationships improve. Acknowledge the love in yr world. Look some1 in the eye. Tell them, “I love U.” MEAN IT.
  • GEM 7Earth Dig in. Yank out yr personal wds. Focus on making U the better person. Stop wasting time on others. Personal work best.
  • CAN Justice Balance things out. Make sure all are included. Fairness is yr job. If you cut the cake, they get to choose the piece.
  • LEO QnWtr Emotionally U must dive in. Experience them. Allow someone to nurture U. Swim yr own way but be fully engaged w/ yr heart.
  • Vir 4Fire Rest. Surround yrslf w/ yr happy. Don’t stray to far afield this wk. Focus on centering yrslf for best results. Be still.
  • LIB 8Cps Move away from old tapes. Release negative thoughts. Keep the ones that sustain U. Determination IS a survival skill.
  • SCO Devil Addictions own U so don’t fool yrslf. Other people think they can dictate u as well. People can be addictive. Own yr shit.
  • SAG 6Air Go where they are. Take early morning mtg to greet the sun. A prayerful attitude gives U necessary victory. Focus forward.
  • CAP Death Change must occur. What are U not accepting gracefully? What are U refusing to acknowledge. Make it easy on yourself.

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