Dolphins, Stress & Doors

Arwen Lynch, professional psychic, discusses why a dolphin on your head is a good thing.

Today’s card brings me a valuable lesson. I saved a quote earlier this morning thinking it might come in handy for today’s card. Then I drew from my brand new first edition Steele Wizard Tarot (yes, I’m excited.)

Last night I drew a card for meditation and got the King of Swords. This morning, while shuffling, the King of Pentacles popped out. I poked him back in (oh yes I did!). Then I pulled the King of Cups.

Which begs the question–what the heck is wrong with the King of Wands? Was he off wandering?

So here we have a situation many Tarot readers run into. It’s called the “But that’s not the card I wanted to see” syndrome.

It’s not that this king or the others isn’t great. It’s just that it’s a guy sitting in a chair with a dolphin on his head. I don’t really have a lot to say about that other than, “HEY! Did you know there’s a mammal on your head? What’s up with that, dude?”

But he looks a bit sad. I don’t think I’ll bother him. I wonder if he could use that quote that I saved. About letting go. I know I can today. The quote? “Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.” โ€”ย  Eckhart Tolle

Yeah. That quote.

I’ve had a lot of recent stress that I’ve allowed to become huger than it really is. I’ve made myself unpleasant to be around. I’ve wanted to stomp around and slam doors.

Oh wait. I have. Not proud of that but I do need to stay authentic. So yes, I’m a door slammer. I call it punctuation. It’s obnoxious. In my defense, I haven’t slammed any doors in over two years so I guess this is just a slide. But I’m not happy about it.

Oh wait again. Dammit. *I’m* the one who needs to stop defending and hanging on. I just need to let this go.

Got it, Universe. Thanks for letting me process this out in the open. I adore dirty laundry, don’t you?

So, today’s card reminds me that if I hold the cup of my emotions to tightly while I fret about stuff that’s past, I may miss the joy of a dolphin sitting on my head.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Seek joy, y’all! Don’t miss the dolphins. Pass it on.

King of Cups, Steele Wizard Tarot, (c) Pamela Steele.

7 thoughts on “Dolphins, Stress & Doors”

  1. Love your humor & cadence Arwen! So true….. everyone seeks affirmation – only to
    reject ‘the card they’re dealt’ or the words they receive.
    ‘You can’t always get what you want….. but if you try some time, you just mind find,
    you get what you need’!

  2. Hey Arwen, really enjoyed this post! I respect and admire that you were sharing the true story!
    funny that the card I picked didn’t make complete sense I had temptation to pick another too lol
    I am such a beginner in tarot, not sure if this relates, but dolphin is a symbol of healing and unconditional love, would it be a sign at all?

    look forward to reading more
    Yiye x

  3. Love this, Arwen, I enjoyed your humor and your humanity and being brave enough to share both! Being new to the tarot, I have relied on the interpretations given in the books rather than on the images on the cards and using my intuition. I am working on that, and reading your thoughts is very helpful, thank you!!

    And maybe having a dolphin on your head is just what is needed to see the world from another point of view?

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