Swans, Angst & Compassess

Today’s card is my reminder that sometimes I work too hard at struggling to define what it means to be good to me. A great quote by Marcus Aurelius about this is “Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.”

I particularly love this interpretation of the Hierophant. Instead of the more traditional one of a religious figure, Frank Fradella gives us the Swan. In his Adventure Tarot, all the characters have some superpower save one. That’s this one. Yep, this one is just an average human being who has chosen to go out and fight crime because it is the right thing to do.

He just does what he knows needs doing.

What a concept right? He’s not arguing about what the right thing is. He’s not angsting over his steps to nirvana. He’s simply walking his talk. And how hard is that? To do what you say you are going to do?

I have faith in myself. I believe that I have the strength to follow my own moral compass. I am going to don the Swan’s costume (metaphorically, y’all). Then I’m going to go be a good person.

Want to seek your own joy? Tired of never finding it? Let me help.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

Fradella Adventure Tarot, U.S. Games Systems Inc, 2003

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12 thoughts on “Swans, Angst & Compassess”

  1. Thanks for this, Arwen. The Heirophant is one of the cards I have the most trouble wrapping my head around. I tend to get bogged down in the idea of tradition, rule-following, etc–none of which resonate much with my dominant right brain. This way of looking at it, though, speaks to me in a much more powerful way!

  2. BEAUTIFUL, Arwen! I love this – this makes me think of my soon-to-be husband. If you ask him, he is as un ‘woo woo’ as they come, but I think he is one of the most spiritual people I know because he always just does the right thing… no meditating or formal spirituality required. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

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