Leap, Attack & Breathe

Today’s card is a good reminder that it’s not always a good thing to jump into a fight. When you are too fast to slash and hack, you may miss a few things–including your pants!

Our very virile knave here has taken offense at an offhand remark about his lack of clothing. The truth not withstanding, this hothead is ready to “chop off their heads” like his mother, the Queen of Swords, is want to cry.

But I have to ask him if he has thought this through carefully. I mean, really, he has forgotten his pants. And shirt. And socks. And shoes. And, quite obviously, even his tighty whities.

Perhaps he might sit down and take a breath. If it is “wear your blankie day”, then the person who made the remark may just need education.

We are moving into a time where communication can be more challenging for some. Mercury Retrogrades don’t have to be the big black sucking holes of despair that some of us make this time out to be (me included.) I know that for me this time is traditionally one where I get angrier faster over miscommunications.

So I have to remind myself that most people aren’t mind readers. I need to tell them when I’m prickly. I need to tell them when it’s “wear your blankie day” so they don’t misstep.

Or maybe I need to breathe then breathe some more before leaping up in my all-together state with nothing but a sharp pointy thing and a blanket to cover my naughty bits.

Think before you act today. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Tarot Art Nouveau By Antonella Castelli Lo Scarabeo 2002

10 thoughts on “Leap, Attack & Breathe”

  1. This is indeed a good reminder …hee hee I like the thought of how in our hot headeness we might be trying to fight knicker-less …I definitely think there’s a few messages in that!!

  2. Oh, nakie guy! Heehee! I love your humor and wisdom with the tarot. You rock! Thanks for lightening up my day. I sit here trying to get ahead before Mercury wrecks, I mean, blesses my path the next 3 weeks πŸ™‚

  3. OMG. It was early morning when I read this and I was afraid I might wake my husband from laughing out loud. This is very funny. I LOVE your interpretations and humor!

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