The Fool’s Journey: The Fool Meets Judgment

Fool?” The angel queried. “I must know your answer. If you say no, your journey is done. If you say yes, I can promise you this. There is only one more to speak with about this matter of finding your Will.”

Where the Fool was last.

The Fool’s belly growled loudly. He stood for a moment. First he looked where the Sun had been then he turned to see where his little white companion had gone. He couldn’t see either but he could hear the sharp yipping of the dog who seemed to have caught wind of some prey.

“Maybe we can eat it.”

That thought brought him such joy that he began to skip down the road towards the sound of his dog barking. The day’s light began to dim as the road stretched out in front of him. His hunger was soothed by the berries he found that grew by a clear stream. His dog danced up to him then darted away seeming not to want to be petted like he normally did. The Fool whistled until his mouth was dry but his little dog refused to obey.

Just as the sun blended its first ray with the horizon to create an amazing shade of orange, the Fool crested the top of a hill. He stumbled to a halt when he saw an Angel looming on the horizon. Behind the angel were humungous waves that seemed to be frozen. They almost looked like mountains to the Fool. The red wings spread out behind the angel who blew a trumpet that had the flag of St. George adorning it.

As the Fool watched, he realized he couldn’t hear the trumpet. But beneath him, he saw a cemetary where the tops of the crypts were being tumbled aside. The dead were rising up! The Fool gasped in horror then realized that they all stretched their arms and faces up to the Angel. They didn’t seem aware of him.

“They are not aware of you, Fool.”

The voice echoed in and around him making the Fool sit down quite suddenly. He glanced up at the Angel who was now looking right at him.

“Have I met you before?” The Fool was sure that he had. The angel confirmed his thoughts with a nod.

“Yes, you have met me at least twice before. Now you must come with me if you want to finish your journey.”

The Fool scrabbled backwards so fast that he kicked a small flurry of stones down the hill. “Go with you? But, dear Angel, only the dead are rising up to meet you. I don’t want to die. I just want to find my Will like the Magician told me. Isn’t there some other way?”

“Always there is another way, Fool. For you, the other way is to go back the way you came. Return to your beginning.” The voice rang firm but there was a thread of compassion as well. The Fool blinked back tears. He’d come so very far. He’d met all of the challenges and conquered so many fears. Now he was to die?

“Please,” he asked in a very small voice. “If I choose to come with you, will it hurt?”

The Fool felt wrapped in something warm and soft and so comfortable, but there was nothing there other than the angel’s voice. “Pain will come if you have wrongs to be righted. I am the Angel of Judgment and I call all to stand up to be counted among the good or to fall as one of the bad. Which are you, Fool?”

Out of nowhere, the little white dog trotted up to the Fool. He plopped down on his furry bottom to cock an eye at his master. Automatically the Fool reached out to scratch the pup behind the ear. He thought about his life which hadn’t been that eventful until he’d started out on this journey to find his Will. Had he been good? Had he been bad? He watched in silence as the figures rose from the graves to float up to the angel. Some fell heavily back to the earth which swallowed them up. Most flew into the wings of the angel. The Fool wondered if they became feathers on his wings.

“Fool?” The angel queried. “I must know your answer. If you say no, your journey is done. If you say yes, I can promise you this. There is only one more to speak with about this matter of finding your Will.”

The dog nudged the Fool with his nose. His bright eyes gazed with intensity at the Fool then the dog took a few steps down the hill. He sat down as if to see if the Fool was going to be coming. It took another few moments for the Fool to push himself off the ground. He squared his shoulders then called out to the angel.

“I’m coming. I can’t go back. I have to trust that I have made the right choices on this journey. If I haven’t, then I will fall to the earth and start over.”

The Angel nodded once, then turned the horn to the Fool. This time, the Fool heard the sweet sound of the trumpet. He lifted his arms up in joy as he rose up to the Angel. He saw his dog leaping in excitement then he saw nothing but the red of the angel’s wings. There was a moment of disorientation before the Fool could see nothing, feel nothing, hear nothing.

He could, however, speak. “Am I dead?”

This time the Angel’s voice was quieter. “Yes and no. Your past life is over. You are now moving on to your next life. Be reborn, Fool.”

With a splash, the Fool landed onto the ground. He gazed around not knowing where he was. An oval shimmered in the distance. When he heard his dog barking ahead, he knew he had to move on. Heartened by the angel’s assurance that this was his last stop on his journey, the Fool raced towards the sound and the sight.

To be continued…

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  1. I told you before, but I love your site, and love storytelling in relation to the Fool’s Journey. You tell it so creatively!! Thank you. I will be reading more 🙂

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