Dolphins, Diving & Bliss

Chase Your Bliss (Click for larger image)
Today’s card is one of my own making. I see it as the Seven of Cups. Too often we see our dreams pass us by or never come to fruition. Sometimes, as Frank Sinatra tells us, that’s life.

But how often is it because we stopped to get ready? Saw our bliss and made preparations. We paused to put on our tennis shoes. We waited to properly stretch (learn) so we didn’t hurt ourselves. We warmed up.

And all that time, our bliss was headed thataway!

Chase your bliss, darlings. Don’t hesitate. Don’t check to see if your shoe is tied. Just go for it. Leap in the water. Swim with dolphins. Dive with the pelicans. Graze with the manatees. Ground feed with the catfish.

I don’t care what you liken it to–just do it. Chase your bliss. Even if you don’t catch that dream, you’ll be moving so fast that when the next one comes by, it will catch up to you.

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Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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