SPREAD: Life’s Path

Often I am asked “What does life have in store for me?” or “What am I supposed to be doing with my life?” or “I feel stuck right now. Am I on the right path?”

These are questions many of us have even if we don’t ask them outloud. We wonder where we are going and if we really are supposed to get there. I think it’s a combination of societal/family pressures and our own need for assurance. In thinking about this particular area of questioning, I decided I needed a spread more dedicated to offering creative solutions.

I don’t like pat answers. I prefer being given tools that will help me grow. If someone is going to give me everything on a spoon, I am more inclined to whine about the flavor or the temperature than if I got it my own danged self. So this spread is designed with that in mind. How can we work on this tough question for ourselves?

The following spread is an actual reading for an actual client. I will not name this person. You can see how I read for folks and what my process is during an email reading. Phone readings are very similar except I don’t write it all down. The querant is in charge of taking notes. With both I do provide images of the cards so you can see what I am seeing. Sometimes things pop off a card that I don’t pay attention to but mean something to the person I’m reading for.

Life’s Path

1. Where Am I Now? This card is to give you a marker as to where you are on the journey right now. It’s the beginning point.

2. What Is My Primary Motive? Here we take a look at what really moves you in life.

3. What Is My Main Concern? This is to see what your primary anxiety is. What’s bugging you the most?

4. Why Am I Here? This is a lesson card. We need to understand why we’ve chosen to be here. What is the lesson of this moment?

5. Where Am I Supposed To Be? This is not a location card per se. It is a directional card. This is the next step on your path.

6. What Roadblocks Are In My Way?

7. What Tools Am I Not Using? We all have strengths. Some of them we don’t use as much as others. This is something you need to be using more.

8. What Opportunities Are In The Potential Future? Just a heads up on what you could be looking out for.

9. What Is My Life’s Purpose? A big question–this card is geared towards getting you to think about why you might be here.

10. Final Advice? This is the Universe’s last chance in this spread to deliver a message you may be missing.

Reading for X.
9 of Wands World Spirit Tarot Position 1 Five of Swords You are currently hurting mentally. You’ve had a recent battle with friends and family. While you may have made your point, you didn’t win any points with some folks. You could be feeling a bit lost and alone. Ask yourself if you did the right thing? If you had to go back to where you were before you had the fight/disagreement, would you? Or is the pain worth the price? If you feel more free of their negativity, you did the right thing. Don’t let your hurt drag you into a victim’s mentality. Realize that some battles must be fought even when you know you are going to be hurt. It’s for your own good–like a vaccination against drama.
9 of Swords  World Spirit Tarot Position 2 Nine of Swords Well, now, two swords right off the bat tell me you are in a very mental place. You may be doing a great deal of what I call “tail chasing” which means you are whirling in one spot getting nothing done. Looks like nightmares and anxieties are a daily battle for you. This is not a good motive, is it? Or is it? It is if you recognize that these anxieties have only the energy you give them. It is a good motive if you understand that you need to stand up and move away from these negative energies plaguing you. The good news is that you are over analyzing what’s wrong right now. Focus on what’s working!
Heirophant World Spirit Tarot Position 3 Nine of Wands This is an interesting card because it plays into the first card. Here we have someone feeling like they need to be on the defensive more than a little. See how tightly that flaming staff is being gripped? Loosen up! Your main concern is defending yourself. Sometimes the best defense is a bit of offense. Instead of waiting for it to come to you, how about you going to it or them? You have action on your side in those flames so maybe you need to be a bit more aggressive here.
Heirophant World Spirit Tarot Position 4 Heirophant This is the lesson of the moment, remember. The Heirophant, also the Pope in many decks, represents societal boundaries and rules for me. He is the card that has to be obeyed. I associate this card with Saturn which is the planet of boundaries and social standards. So you have to decide what your lesson is right now. Is it play by the rules in front of you and be accepted on their terms? Or is it make your own rules and deal with the consequences that freedom can bring?
Seer of Cups World Spirit Tarot Position 5 Seer of Cups Emotional messages here,X. This is the page of cups in most decks and represents intuition and knowledge from unusual sources. It would seem that you need to be using your own intuitive skills more. Do you draw? Write? Sing? Let your artsy side out. Allow your subconscious to have a voice through some medium that you love. Page of Cups means look for the message of love. You need to be where you are loved.
8 of Swords World Spirit Tarot Position 6 8 of Swords So for the roadblocks we are back to swords again. You have a perilous journey to make. Your roadblocks are, unfortunately, of your own making. She is bound and blindfolded as she tries to navigate a dark path strewn with sharp blades. And she’s barefoot! Remember that each negative thought you give voice to more than once becomes a sword on your path. Eliminate any negative self-talk. Replace it with positive mantras like “I can do this” and “I deserve this” and you will see a difference. This is a tough roadblock, X, but I know you can get through this!
Seer Of Wands World Spirit Tarot Position 7. Seer of Wands I love this card! This Page is a young, athletic woman who has a leopard by her side. She is ready to take action. Are you ready to take action? Ask yourself this. Do you think about taking action or do you take it? There’s a fine line between wishing something were done and doing it. Which side are you standing on right now? If it’s the wishing side, hop on over to the doing side, honey! Page of Wands says the tools you are not using are your passion and energy. You can get things done when you set your mind to it. Now make it happen!
7 of Swords World Spirit Tarot Position 87 of Swords So far we have the 5, 7, 8 and 9 of Swords here. This is a very mental journey for you, isn’t it? 7 of Swords tells you that the opportunities ahead are going to come from cleaning up the negativity. Picking up those roadblocks and restating them so that they become weapons for you instead of weapons against you, yes? Not easy and you could miss them if you aren’t paying attention. Consider putting a note on the mirror that reminds you to “leave no swords in my path.”
Sibyl of Pentacles World Spirit Tarot Position 9 Sibyl of Pentacles This lovely earth queen is the nurturing woman. She helps others with her compassion and heart. She is generous of nature as well. Your purpose is to help those less fortunate. You have a gift in making others feel better about themselves. When you are sharing what you know and creating love/life for others, you are truly in your zone.
Empress World Spirit Tarot Position 10 Empress Final advice is to relax and enjoy the bounty of life. Even when it seems like you are only getting the trickle of someone else’s trickle, allow yourself to count your blessings. I recnetly got a great fortune that gave me the secret to happiness. I think the Empress is here to tell you that same advice. “The secret to happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles.”Give it a try for a month. See what comes of that!

Feedback from X :

The reading, was not upsetting in the slightest. It just hit on what’s going on in my life so strongly that it took me a bit to process that this is what’s really happening.

I spend a LOT of time in my head, finding reasons, excuses to not follow my heart, my dreams. As the cards would say, I’m laying swords in my path, and at the sight of them, I’m standing still. And it’s all because I’m afraid. I don’t even know WHAT I’m afraid of, but in the end, I need to find a way to get over it, and move forward.

It’s sort of hard to read that about yourself, lol, but sometimes very necessary. I know what I’ve got to do, and it’s just a matter of doing it.

Thank you so very much for the reading, I appreciate it deeply. Maybe now I’ll find the courage to silence my demons and do what I’m meant to.

This and other readings are availabe to you as well. See which spread best suits your needs.

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Author: TarotByArwen

Arwen is the professional Joy Seeker. Her true calling is as a Professional Joy Seeker. She co-creates solutions with her clients to help them find their joy again. "Seek joy, y'all" is her motto. Her decks include The Fairy Tale Lenormand, Secrets of the Mystic Grove, Bianca Niero Tarot, the Elle Qui Oracle, and the Field Guide to Garden Dragons (all published by U.S. Games INC.). She is the author of 33 Days to Finish Your Book.

2 thoughts on “SPREAD: Life’s Path”

  1. Arwen you pretty much rule.

    Super-smart and articulate. You don’t much conform to societal norms, imo. You do neat things you love. You put yourself out there–if it makes you at all nervous–you don’t seem nervous. You seek joy. You have a lot of Tarot decks and you let us see them. You have experience and wisdom and you share it for the benefit of many.

    If I had more of an idea what my gifts are I would hope I had your courage and vibrancy to do something about it. I guess that’s why I’m at this page trying to find a more narrowed-down life path!

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