READING & CONTEST: Fluff & Puff’s Reading

Fluff & Puff
Fluff & Puff

Fluff (left side) and Puff (right side) have agreed to let me do a reading for them. I am used to doing tarot consultations with couples, but this was a bit odd for me. Why? What’s so special about this couple? Well, for starters they are a couple of bunny slippers.

Yes, you read me correctly. Bunny. Slippers.  Fluff and Puff are the somewhat demented, always entertaining bunny slippers who live with Jazz Tremaine.  Who’s Jazz? Well just where have you been lately? Jazz is the 700-year-old heroine of Linda Wisdom’s Hex series. The first book , 50 Ways To Hex Your Lover created a lot of buzz in the romance world. But the real surprise hit was the popularity of Fluff and Puff.

50 Ways To Hex Your Lover
50 Ways To Hex Your Lover

Fluff and Puff, what I am going to do here is a relationship reading. I realize that you two aren’t lovers (are you?) but I think this spread will suit nicely. This spread focuses on two individuals creating a whole. Feel free to interject as you see fit.

The first card is how Fluff sees Puff. The 4 of Coins here tells me that Fluff thinks Puff needs to get out a bit more. There is some feeling of resentment about Puff holding back when Fluff would rather get out there and mingle. I take it Fluff is the more gregarious slipper?

Fluff – He sure does need to get out more! Cuz if Puff got out, so would I! But the only time he thinks about getting out is when we’re on a bunny slipper mission. Would it hurt him to want to go to a party instead?

Puff’s first card is the 10 of Cups. You see your partner , Fluff, as being a bit too focused on the emotional joys of life. Perhaps you aren’t as happy with Jazz’s relationships with others as Fluff is? This card makes me think you also are the more grounded of the pair.

Puff – Yeah, Fluff likes to play too much. We’re magick and need to keep our magick up to date. And you gotta admit that Jazz’s boss, Dweezil, is pretty icky. Sure, we don’t go there very often, but it’s always nasty when we do go.

Second card for Fluff is Fluff’s ambitions for the partnership between the two of you.  Ah! The Ace of Cups is a lovely card here. Fluff sees this partnership as a way to bring love and joy to all (as well as more carrot cake if there’s a party.)

Fluff – Party yes! And we love making people happy and laugh. We even visit our buddies AshNay and Jordan because they’re so fun to hang out with.

Yet Puff’s card is the much more ambitious Queen of Wands. Puff’s vision for this relationship is to promote Jazz and get her out there more. Puff, do you see yourself as more of the political type?

Puff – Hm, not sure political, but Jazz needs to build up her business. Licorice root isn’t free, ya know. And we really do like her bath products when we have our baths. No reason why we can’t smell nice too. At least she doesn’t toss us into the washing machine. Probably a good thing. So she needs more work to keep us in the style we’ve become accustomed to.

Fluff’s third card represents fears for the partnership. This is what worries you the most. The Page of Cups which is the card of the psychic messenger. You really hate that don’t you, Fluff? When some new clue pops up and Jazz has to go off again to save the … well, at least get everyone out of trouble.

Fluff – She needs to take us with her more often! Things happen that’s scary, and sometimes we can help. We want her to know we can do magick stuff too. And bite ankles.

Puff’s fears are shown in the Heirophant. The Heirophant is the rule maker and boundary keeper. Looks like Puff really hates being thrown under the bed or in the back of the closet. Puff wants to break a few rules and make sure those in power are the right people.

Puff – Or under pillows! Hellloooo! Like we still can’t hear? Let’s talk ick factor here. A nice soundproof bubble would be nice sometimes or at least the freedom to roam, but she hasn’t allowed that in awhile unless we vow not to get into trouble. And the vow she makes us take means if we break it we’ll end up in some pretty gross slime so she’ll know what happened.

Interesting! The connecting card shows what pulls you two together and it’s the Devil card. This card is all about temptation and mischief.  I’m pretty sure there’s carrot cake and licorice in all that food there as well. Looks like Fluff and Puffy, you two are hellbent for stirring up trouble. Not to be evil by any means. It’s just what you do.

Fluff – Mischief, us?

Puff – Yeah, considering what’s said, we’re actually very well behaved. You know like those stories in the tabloids where they claim Madonna’s having an alien baby or Bigfoot was sighted again. Bigfoot’s really shy and he’d never allow himself to be photographed.

Fluff – I like what you say, that it’s just what we do. It’s our way of having fun, even if some don’t agree with it. Plus what can I say? We’re never boring!

Puff – That’s true. We bring fun into your life. We’re the Masters of our Universe!!!

Fluff – This was very cool Arwen. Thank you for doing this for us.

Puff – Yeah, thanks! I’ll promise to get out more with Fluff and not just when we’re on the hunt for something.

Fluff and Puff will be answering questions today. Leave a comment. One lucky commenter will win a copy of either Hex Appeal or 50 Ways To Hex Your Lover.

Don’t miss the sequel, Hex Appeal out November 1, 2008. I think you will enjoy Fluff and Puff, I mean Jazz’s story! You can learn more about the author, Linda Wisdom, and keep up with her releases on her MySpace page.

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37 thoughts on “READING & CONTEST: Fluff & Puff’s Reading”

  1. Oh, how awesome. I’d never heard of the series before but it sounds intriguing — and how can you go wrong with bunny slippers?

  2. Just one question for Ms. Wisdom. How hard is it to keep Fluff and Puff from taking over the books lol. They defiintely seem to have personalities of their own. Love this.

  3. Hi Maritzia,

    I’ve been published in romance for 29 years and now writing what I love best, paranormal. And this series is definitely the books of my heart.


  4. Hi Kitty,

    Depends on the bunny slippers. :} These guys can eat you out of house and home in no time. Actually, they might even eat the house.


  5. Hi PamK,

    There’s times it’s not easy, but they’re not in all the scenes, but they do have their ways of getting out and about. They also have their own MySpace. where they’ve been known to blog. And my agent even takes them on vacation with her!

    At this rate they could have books of their own in their future.


  6. Hi Pat,

    These guys can also nip your ankles if they choose to. The artist who inked my tattoo came up with what I’ve always visualized them to be. His adding the blood spatter was all his idea too.

    These guys are so real to me I sometimes doublecheck my own bunny slippers!


  7. Wow I love your tattoo Linda, Fluff and Puff are exactly the way I pictured them when I read your book.

    Now my question for Fluff and Puff is: I know that you guys are a bit over-protective and tend to munch on Jazz’s friends and their personal items (poor Krebs, hehe). Well I was wondering if there was anybody in her circle of friends that you guys secretly liked. (Like Krebs, Irma, Nick, or anybody else)

  8. Great fun! I’ve been writing for my own pleasure for a long time and am well-versed in characters who take on lives of their own *grin* Thankfully none have shown up and taken over my house yet! Great tat as well

  9. Hi Jennifer!

    We like ’em all. We can’t help that we get into trouble. We really do like Krebs, but he’s just got such cool stuff for us to check out. And no matter what we know Nick wouldn’t allow anything to happen to us. Probably because he knows if he did and Jazz found out there’d be Hades to pay.

    Fluff and Puff

  10. Thanks Susan.

    If you saw what picture I took in for the tat you’d see a far cry from the final product and he did a great job.

    You never know what will take your house!


  11. I’ve seen readings done for fictional characters before, but you take the cake Arwen. That was great. If “50 Ways to Hex Your Lover” and “Hex Appeal” are as entertaining as your Tarot reading for Fluff and Puff, the books are must haves for any fiction lover’s library.

  12. Oh, my. Bunny slippers taking over!?! Woot! She needs a Halloween costume party so she can get them to that party they want to go to!

  13. Jen K,

    Fluff and Puff were very flattered that Arwen volunteered to read for them. Now they consider themselves even more special. :}


  14. Hi Debbie,

    No, the tat didn’t hurt at all except for a few pin prick feelings and I swore my toes sort of flexed at times, but the friend who was with me said they didn’t.

    I really love writing about Fluff and Puff and it seems having them on my ankle is my very own good luck charm. Especially since I would NEVER carry a rabbit’s foot. :}


  15. Thanks Shana!

    If nothing else they make a great conversation piece and so many have said they’d never think of bunny slippers for a tattoo.


  16. Deidre,

    They tend to argue over who gets the bigger piece of licorice root or what movie to watch. When you think about it, they have a pretty cushy life.


  17. LOL. I love you Fluff and Puff! And Jordan and I enjoy spending time with you as well. Thanks again for coming to my opening night. It helped a lot. =)

    The tarot reading was a really neat idea! And way fun! Thanks for doing that for all of us Arwen.

    Oh, and Hey Lin! =) LOL. I love you too.

    *Ash Nay*

  18. Hi Shauna,

    They’re not vampires, blood really isn’t their thing. They were created by an evil wizard in a diabolical experiment, which is why they have the razor sharp teeth that can pretty much eat anything, but they totally love human food and don’t ever offer them bunny pellets. :}


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