Video Killed The Radio Star?

Raven Radio Nights
Raven Radio Nights

Well, I’m certainly no star but I am going to be on the radio.

Come join me next Wednesday October 29 from 11pm – Midnight EST when I chat with the wacky and wild Mandy Roth and Michelle M. Pillow on Raven Radio. I’ll be chatting about an upcoming book and Tarot and doing some free mini-consults on air. Last time we hung out in the chat room afterwords where I did a few more mini-consults. I’m going to try to do that chat again. It was pretty much amazing fun.

Check out my August chat with Michelle and Mandy!

And I’ll be giving a free reading away as well. How it works.

1. You post a link in your blog/Livejournal/MySpace and leave that link in a comment here.

2. You send an announcement to your list (CC me so I know you did it, k?)

3. Leave a comment here.

You can get three entries into the contest that way. It’s viral promotions, right? And you get something out of it as well if you win. A full tarot consultation from me (writing or personal).

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