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How will you celebrate the sunrise this Midsummer?

When I first saw this six weeks ago, I had an idea but that one went out the window when I discovered the Radiant Goddess course on Leonie Dawson’s site. I had already signed up to take the Business Goddess course (and am loving it.) One of my Tarot students told me about eating raw. Then I saw it on Leonie’s site. Now, I haven’t gone raw and don’t plan to do that fully. I just wanted to edit my personal tapes on how I eat. Some of the things I came up with in just the first few days have stunned me. I was doing a free association on why I’m addicted to sugar.

Sugar replaces love I’m missing in my life.

That popped out of my head. I swear! You could have knocked me over with a feather right then and there, y’all. BOOM. And it’s not like I don’t have love in my life now. I think, as a child, I substituted sugar for the sweetness that I craved in my life. My mama, may she rest in peace, was an amazing woman but her version of love didn’t always fit my child-self’s need. I still remember her apologizing to me for how she “loved” me when I was in my early 20’s. She realized that she’d made some mistakes (don’t all parents, though?).

So am I nuts with this sugar is love thing? I don’t know but I do know that I have more love and more joy in my life than the average sugar bowl can handle. And that brings me back to my sunrise celebration. I’ll be waving hello to the sun as I get up and move. Another thing Leonie’s course did on the second day was ask me to journal about movement and about exercise. My reaction to exercise was extremely negative. It means sweating. It means pain. It means ridicule. I associate it with gym class which is the ONLY class I ever brought home less than a B in. But movement? That makes me think of the Dance Brigade and Jazz Hands and shaking my ass under a disco ball in the 80’s.

Which brings me to the Tarot piece of this post. LOL. I’ll bet you thought I’d never get here, right?

Arwen’s Bridge Spread

Pick something you loathe. Let’s say “I need to lose weight.” Replace it with a word or a phrase you like. Let’s say Rethinking How I Eat.” Now lay three cards out.

  • The middle card is the one you turn over last.
  • Turn over the “bad” phrase card. Journal about why this card hits you in all the bad spots around this idea. Let yourself go. Don’t edit. Try to write for at least ten minutes.
  • Turn over the “good” phrase card. As above, journal why this emphasizes the good. Let yourself go. Don’t edit. Try to write for at least ten minutes. (Is it me or is there an echo in here?)
  • Now turn over the middle card. This is the bridge card. It shows you how you can move from the “ick ew I hate that” space to the “empowered Goddess of everything” space. Now journal. This time write down specific steps, action points, mantras. Let yourself go. Don’t edit. Try to write for at least ten minutes. (Yeah, there’s definitely an echo in here.)

I’d love to hear your results.

Now head on over to That CoCo witch, Courtney Weber.

Pssst, come back tomorrow. I did this spread and that post will be up Saturday morning. Oh, if you decide to join me in the Radiant Goddess course, I recommend doing the $99 for the full thing. That’s how I got the Business Goddess and ALL the other courses as well plus a one year membership. I know, right? Beat that, Anthony Robbins! Oh, the price goes up on July 3 to $199.

Let yourself go. Don’t edit. Try to write for at least ten minutes. Let yourself go. Don’t edit. Try to write for at least ten minutes. Let yourself go. Don’t edit. Try to write for at least ten minutes. hee

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29 thoughts on “Hops, Diets & Mama”

  1. Perhaps your addiction to sugar is psychological, but more likely is that sugar is fundamentally addictive, as are carbohydrates generally, but refined sugar is the worst. The quick burst energy creates a short “high” and just like a drug high, your body then craves more. It’s not just you 🙂

  2. What an excellent idea for a spread! Makes me think of affirmations… of replacing a negative mental statement with a positive one but what I really like here is your idea to draw cards for each with a bridging card between. I love the way you use journaling as a way of exploring the reading too!

  3. This is a most useful version of the Bridge Spread. I keep a doc of my favorite 3 card spreads. I often share some / all of this doc in classes that I teach. Can I share with attribution?

    1. Carolyn, I’d be honored. I’d love to see your other versions of this Bridge spread. I’m not familiar with others. I tend to call these Gate spreads so I’m probably just using a different word. LOL

    1. Do you know? I don’t know this Bridge spread. Y’all need to tell “teh” Arwen. 😀 I can’t imagine mine is unique, but where are some others to see? 😀

  4. i had a very interesting 3 card read. one card was the four of cups, the other nine of cups. the bridge was the four of swords. so i would interpret that as buckling down to a new project and then things coming to fruition and the bridge indicating the need to rest and restore myself as I go along. maybe that’s off or too simplistic?

  5. I am trying to do without sugar in my tea. I’ll never be able to drink coffee without it. I have a very sweet tooth and yes, I think I comfort myself and reward myself with sweet things. Sweet things never let you down. They’re always gorgeous and always ready to love you….

    But my god, it is addictive! So doing my best to have lemon tea.

    I’m going to do that spread, this weekend!!!

    Ali x

    1. Oh Alison, I hear you. I actually found that drinking lemon water (just quartering lemons up and dropping them in a quart of water that I lugged around all day) helped cut my sweet tooth. Let me know if you post that spread. I’d love to read it.

  6. Hi Arwen,

    Thank you for sharing this! It’s definitely something many of us struggle with. Sometimes I think I’ve got sugar beat, then it comes and whacks me upside the head again *doh* As for the lemon water, there’s a chemical in all citrus fruits that reduces appetite, so I always drink watered down orange juice these days, instead of straight water 🙂
    Will look forward to reading how your journalling went!

  7. Another wonderful post, Arwen! I’m seriously tempted by the Radiant Goddess course, I just don’t think I have time for it right now… Still, it’s great that you’re getting so much out of it, and I love the journalling idea 🙂

  8. Aisling, thank you. Mama was one of the good ones.
    Ivy, a beloved HS English teacher would dance up and down the classroom singing that. 😀
    Chloe, the 99 is for a year so you can do it when you like. And it goes up to 199 7/3 which is why I’m telling folks about it soooo much!

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