Butterflies, Books & Pistols

Today’s card is one that makes me laugh but also makes me a bit sad. Here is the Princess of Swords from the Victoria Regina Tarot. It’s so me right now. The laughter part comes in from all her many interests–a weapon, a butterfly, a book.

The sad part comes in from all her many interests as well. I can’t do it all. Well, not if I want to forge ahead in certain areas. I can stay scattered like this poor Princess of Swords (a young Queen Victoria) or I can pick one and stick with it.

To me, it seems she would most like to chase the butterfly. But as heir to the throne of England, she must study history and politics and how to defend her country. A hard thing for anyone but she really didn’t have a choice.

Me? I have a choice. I can give up some of the hats that I choose to wear in order to have more time for what really moves me. I can let go of that need to do everything. It goes back to the “hit by the bus” theory.

Would “seek joy, y’all” disappear if I was gone? I doubt it. I think there’s enough of you out there who are on this path with me. And that brings me such joy.

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Victoria Regina Tarot (OOP), Llewellyn Publishing (2002)

4 thoughts on “Butterflies, Books & Pistols”

  1. She can help me seek joy by the way she handled her triumphs and tragedies. Not just as a young maiden princess,but also as a young queen mother, and later as the crone dowager queen. She was quite an inspiration.

    1. Oh that’s lovely, Opal! I really enjoyed the movie “Young Victoria” because I learned quite a bit. Did you know that one of Fergie and Andrew’s daughters played a lady-in-waiting in that?

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