Joys, Magnets & Goddesses

What do you attract?

Did you know happiness is contagious? It’s true. They did a study on it.

“So if your friend’s friend’s friend becomes happier, it ripples through the network and affects you, even if you don’t know that person,” says author Nicholas Christakis, MD, a medical sociology professor at Harvard Medical School. Read more

And this is why I, personally, prefer to be around those individuals who seek joy. Life is hard enough. I have enough “no joy bringing” things in my life. I choose very intentionally to avoid those who don’t have a positive attitude. And that is a hard line for me. People who constantly talk about how bad their life is or how many people are mean to them tire me out. I’m not saying my life isn’t bad here and there. I’m not saying I don’t have those folks who love to badmouth me. I’m saying I choose to focus on what makes me happy instead.

It’s an energy thing. The more I speak about the crap, the more crap shows up. Seriously. It’s like a magnet. If I talk about joy, seek joy, promote joy, live joy? You guessed it. I get joy. Am I always happy? LOL–ask my co-workers. I think they would tell you that I have my moments of nuclear negativity. But I manage that. I make it not as important as the joy.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t seek joy because it’s easy. I seek joy because it is vital to my mental health. Those people who have nothing happy to say? My ears can’t hear them. I am creating soul firewalls that prevent their words from reaching me. I’m not denying them their right to vent. I’m just denying them the ability to make me the chute for their download of poop.

I had a reading done for me by another reader recently. It was a short one–fifteen minutes long, but I felt like I got a ton from it. It solidified some other thoughts I’ve been having. I signed up for an online business course. I’ve been looking at them for a while but the price tag on most was beyond my current means and dreams. Then someone suggested another one. I have gotten so very much from this course already and I only started it June 1.

I really recommend it. It can be overwhelming because you are jumping into a large group of very excited women (and yes, it seems to be focused on women only so sorry to my darling male friends.) It’s a board-based group with an abundance of additional information in the form of videos, files, etc. I’m still grasping how much I have gotten for only $99.

I am finding that her approach (five weeks and a year’s membership with access to the forums where I can read older messages to pick brains in a static way) is really working for me. I can do this on my time which is so much easier with my full life. If you have a business or have a business idea, I recommend this program whole heartedly. Fair warning? The price is going up July 7 to $199. Still going to be worth it, but I might not have taken advantage of it at that price point.

You can also check out the Goddess Circle if you like.

So if you want to live the life of the professional joy seeker, that class can help (and you can start at any time so you aren’t late to class!). And always remind yourself that when you hold on to negativity, you can’t seek joy successfully. So darlings, yes, I am saying, “Fake it til you make it.”

Contact me to set up your SKYPE or phone reading. I’ll show you how you can find joy and better yet? I’ll help you hang on to that joy. Promise.

2 thoughts on “Joys, Magnets & Goddesses”

  1. Hi Arwen,

    Thanks for continuing to spread your message of joy, it’s one I very much needed to hear today. What I also took from this post is that if I can find joy in myself, I can infect others with happiness, too 🙂 So, not just about putting up firewalls of poop protection, but about actively being the change I want to see.

    Seeking joy,

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