REVIEW: Inspiring Butterflies

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Inspiring Butterflies: A 27-Day Course of Self-Discovery
ISBN: 978-0764339691

Here’s to another gorgeous deck presented in Schiffer’s magnetic box. Have I mentioned how much of a fan I am of their attention to packaging? Truly a great touch. And since I’ve DROPPED this box not once but twice on asphalt, I can tell you that it holds up. The box shows very little signs of the Arwen-induced trauma. You see, one of the reasons I’m not the fastest reviewer in the world is that I like to really explore the decks I receive. (Note: I did receive this gratis from Schiffer. That does not influence my review but it does make me smile when I say Schiffer, okay?!)

So this isn’t really an oracle as much as it is a journey into your self. The gorgeous, spiral-bound book with exercises and more detailed descriptions is in addition to a small bound book that serves as the LWB for this deck. I can definitely see using this as a tool with my clients to help them on their own journey. I would have them draw a card and then read the larger book’s description along with the exercises and assignments. The affirmations are lovely.

The very first is Beginnings with an affirmation of “I trust and have faith that each experience brings spiritual growth.” Another further into the 27 days shares this “My words are validated by the presence of truth.” Anyone who follows my Facebook page knows that I am a huge fan of affirmations.
Art Prints
You can buy copies of the cards as full-sized artwork as well. If you check that site out, you will see long statements for each painting. Here is an excerpt from Communication (easily one of my favorites in this deck).

“These butterflies reflect the inner strength available to you when you speak from a deep-seated conviction. Blue represents water, and water will always help to keep you in the flow when communicating with others. You can always see the stars more clearly against the deep blue of the evening sky. In this image, the blues and purples inspire you to find the right words to make your message crystal clear. The next time you find yourself in a position to speak to others, remember these butterflies and believe in yourself. Your soul will feel radiant, mesmerizing and enchanting.”

Each card features a lovely, colorful painting of a butterfly (yeah, I see you are surprised!). On the back is a brief phrase that you can use as an affirmation or discussion point. These cards would be an interesting group exercise as well.

For those that would like a gentle, self-healing that you can undertake on your own, I recommend this deck. And for those who might like something to use for oracle purposes, I can definitely see this deck as a useful tool. My only whine? There is no card for Joy. I know, right?

Inspiring Butterflies images are the property of Schiffer. Further reproduction is prohibited.

P. to the S. Do you want a video review of this deck? Cast your vote in the comments, please.

3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Inspiring Butterflies”

  1. Hi Arwen,

    This deck has been tempting me for a while. My biggest sticking point? Only 27 cards! And now you tell us there’s no Joy card, either! Hmm, that’s gonna be a hard sell. Maybe you need to do a video review to finally persuade me 😉

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