Drugs, Tea & Crankiness

Today’s cards are a very clear Elemental Dignity grouping. One thing that I keep forgetting/omitting/ignoring is that the center card is the one to pay attention to. The message of that card is strengthened or weakened by the flanking cards.

I’m using the Simply Deep Tarot (Schiffer Publishing 2012) by Chanel Bayless and James Battersby. The imagery is intriguing. I like the borders that are colored the same for each suit even though they present me with a visual problem when I shuffle. More on that when I review the deck.

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For today’s emphasis we have the lovely Queen of Cups. I want to be her. I crave the calmness she exudes as she pours herself, or the viewer?, a cup of tea. It seems to be an invitation to sit down, to relax, to have a chat with a friend. Her hippy hair and the lotus blossom at her throat all create an impression of a woman who is loving and gentle.

To the left we see the Four of Cups with one child leaning back while another reaches down. Even though their cup is full of every imaginable gift, they want something they can’t have. That is the other child’s calmness. This is a really good depiction of the “not full” feeling the Four of Cups can present.

To the right is the Seven of Cups where a hoodie-wearing youth stands with his hands up. This is eerily reminiscent of current events for me with the young man, Trayvon Martin, who was shot for nothing more than being perceived incorrectly. But this is about all the choices and dreams we have. If you look at this figure, it seems that he is smoking a “not a cigarette, dude” which is clouding his view and perhaps his ability to make the choices. If you stay stuck in the dream, reality will never provide what you are looking for.

NOTE: I have a hard-core prejudice AGAINST marijuana that comes from an abusive ex. I understand it has medical qualities and I am glad it is available to those that need it. My personal experience has led me to another reality about this particular drug. In fact, I’m pretty adamantly opposed to drugs in general. No, I’m not open to debating this, thanks for asking. (breathing. breathing. breathing.)

Hmmm, obviously that’s still a trigger for me, eh? (breathing. breathing. breathing.) Yeah. Not something I’m open to. LOL

And admittedly I’m super cranky today. No real reason other than people not communicating well. I work in technical chat support and my patience is thin today. I am typing things out only to have people ask me the SAME INFORMATION in the next two minutes. They are not reading and that is a button of mine. 😀 But I have the anonymity of the screen to maintain my polite, friendly facade.

I need that cup of tea, Your Majesty. What time shall I join you?

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