Secrets, Crossroads & Suspension

Well, I find myself at a bit of a crossroads in life. Lucky for me today is a great day for that. Happy Spring Equinox, y’all! It’s a day of balance and of new stuff. I love Easter as well. I’ve always been a great fan of dying eggs. A coven I was in did a very cool thing where we wrote messages on eggs with wax (clear) candles. You couldn’t see the message.

Then we blessed them and dyed them in Circle. Each of us pulled eggs not knowing the message we would be getting. Fun, right? We always had such a good time in those Circle. Here’s to the Kids of the Giggling Bush aka Children of the Laughing Greenwood. Those were good times, y’all. Miss you. Mean it.

This spread is from Ania’s Bunny Hop Blog. What I loved about it is that it is short and sweet. Plus it’s really sweet with the chocolate reference.

Ania’s Renewal Spread

What new energies are coming into my life? I like this for an answer. Seven of Cups means more emotional choices. I am at a point where I need those. I want to know that I am not as limited in my dreams. Sometimes I let others impose their will…no, that’s not right. Sometimes I impose others’ wills on myself making their realities more important. I need to make sure that I don’t lose myself simply because of a day dream. So this tells me that I can be stronger about the emotional choices I make.

What needs revitalising in my life? And another water card? LOL. Okay, I’m getting a sense of a theme here. This is the card that reminds me my friendships need renewing. I need to revitalize those connections. This card also has a theme of Circle for me. I keep whining saying that I want to get back to my sacred self. What I really mean is I want a group to do magical work with. And that’s really on me, isn’t it. Just like the job applicant who wants a job, no coven is going to come knocking on my door just for me wanting. Time to put some plans (and shoe leather) to work.

Where is the chocolate hidden? HAHAHAHAHA! Dammit, Gaian Tarot! Sometimes you are so literal! The Tree shows a woman suspended. She is in a yoga position and is assimilating herself into the landscape or vice versa. This is about sacrifice but also about suspending things. I think perhaps my renewal chocolate is hidden in the idea that I need to find more time for me. And I have been doing that so I can confirm the sweetness in that idea. I just bought myself daffodils Saturday before work. Two bucks for bright, cheerful yellow loveliness at my desk that is still blooming and gorgeous today. It’s a reminder that I can make me happy. I don’t need to wait for someone else to do that, do I?

I really did enjoy this spread. If you try it, won’t you let me know? And how do you make yourself happy? Share your WORK-SAFE tips here. Yes, I said work-safe. I know some of you. 😐

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  1. It is a nice little spread for those crossroad moments, even though I do say so myself LOL I have visions of you trying to eat chocolate upside-down – now, there’s a challenge! ;D

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