Ostara Tarot Blog Hop: Bloom Where You’re Planted

Hi there! Welcome to the Ostara Blog Hop. Hopefully you found me through Andrew’s blog. The next blog link is at the bottom of this one. Have fun! If you are in Austin, TX, come take a class with me. πŸ™‚

Our topic was “Paint a journey with new life” which relates to the Goddess Ostara coloring the world with flowers. I love the image of this beautiful Deity trailing flowers wherever she goes. It makes me think of the character Magi in Fern Gully which is an old fave of mine. Then I wondered if we don’t all have this ability. To trail flowers wherever we go would be an awesome super power.

If it were me, I’d make sure they were flowers that attracted bees. Did you know that bees are in decline? Did you know that if we lose bees, we lose a primary way of our food getting to our tables? It’s true. So plant bee-friendly flowers, folks.

I wanted to do a spread that emphasized this idea of trailing flowers. I had a bit of a time coming up with this post because my mind kept going down rabbit trails. I almost recycled an old spread about Meadow Musings, but I resisted. I drew a card from my Gaian Tarot to see what the focus of this spread would be. My old friend, the Hermit, turned up. Following that rabbit, I thought about Joanna Powell Colbert’s inspiring connection to the natural world. She makes me pay attention where I wouldn’t. Yesterday while walking the dogs, I noticed a lone yellow flower at the base of a tree. Such a pretty spot of color that you had to smile to see it. I don’t have the artistic skills that Joanna does so I won’t draw it, but I will use it as my theme for this spread.

Hermit Gaian Tarot

One of my mottos, and one that I’ve riffed off on for a spread before, is “Bloom where you are planted.” That’s huge for me. I used to move so much my mother told me that she was going to start keeping my name in pencil in her address book. LOL. I learned that it wasn’t so much where I was as how I was. I’ve gathered some amazing people in my life–and thanks to Facebook, I’ve found more than one or two of them again.

So let’s look at this spread.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Card 1: You Now (this is you in this particular moment)
Card 2: Your Roots (this is where you came from)
Card 3: Your Stem (this is what [or who] supports you
Card 4: Your Petals (this is how you celebrate yourself)
Card 5: Your Sun (this is a goal you should be focused on)

My Now is the 3 of Fire. This is interesting because I’m currently waiting on some news that really has got me discombobulated. I feel as if I’m stuck waiting on someone else right now.

My Roots card is the Elder of Air who is sending up prayers via song. The luna moth carries messages up to Spirit. My roots lay in my ability to be calm and to talk to my higher self as needed. Sometimes I forget that so this is a good reminder.

My Stem is the Star which made me think of my mother. Ouch. She’s been dead nearly 10 years now and it still gets me sometimes. It’s almost as if I forget that she’s not on this side of the Veil any more. But I see the hope and joy that she instilled in me. I know my sense of humor is from her. My love of a well-timed practical joke is from Marilu. She was a Scorpio who truly loved the “gotcha” moments in life. The stories I could tell you!

My Petals? Hmmm, I get the Canoe which is interested since it’s a card of self-mastery for me. This card tells me that I celebrate myself by guiding my life with intention. I have chosen to remove myself from those people who aren’t celebratory and positive. I just have no time for that energy drain. Do you?

My Sun card is the 4 of Fire. In a way, I can see a connection between this woman standing firm in her sacred circle and the woman who dances with abandon in Joanna’s Sun card. My goal is to move further into my spiritual self–to ground my passions more.

An interesting spread–still I think it may need more tweaking. I’m not sure it has enough focus overall. What do you think? What would you change? I’d love to hear from you.

Now fly, my pretties, fly! Off to Pamela’s blog. Don’t forget to leave comments as you go.


Due to my creating mass confusion about the time of the Blog Hop (yes, it was all Arwen this time), here’s the master list of Tarot Blog Hoppers!

  1. Andrew
  2. Alison
  3. Vivianne
  4. Mary
  5. Louise
  6. LaVonne
  7. Chloe
  8. Lina Ljunggren
  9. Ania
  10. Donna
  11. Aisling
  12. Rosered
  13. Matt
  14. Andrew
  15. Arwen
  16. Pamela
  17. US Games
  18. Joy
  19. Michael
  20. Paris
  21. Jennifer
  22. Kareena
  23. Melanie
  24. October
  25. Anna
  26. TABITarot
  27. Koneta
  28. Jaymi
  29. Marcia
  30. Amy
  31. Amethyst
  32. Carolyn
  33. Marilyn
  34. Hilary
  35. Claire-Marie
  36. Lisa
  37. Jordan
  38. Zanna
  39. Morgan
  40. Joanna
  41. Donnaleigh
  42. Amanda

29 thoughts on “Ostara Tarot Blog Hop: Bloom Where You’re Planted”

  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely post + spread, Arwen. I would like to have the flower super power too! That would be awesome! πŸ™‚ I’d keep it to outdoors only though… I mean, can you imagine having to pick up flowers off the floor and as soon as you were done, you’d have to start over lol I think the spread you created works well. The cards I pulled certainly made sense. Have a blessed Ostara!

  2. Bloom where you are planted! I’ve heard that sentiment from you before and I luffed it then – it’s sooooo true! I would do to remember that more often myself! Will give the spread a birl too πŸ™‚

    Ali x

  3. I like “bloom where you are planted” because it implies that we need to notice that we ARE blooming and if we’re not, move. Great reading.


  4. Hi Arwen,

    Ha, if we’re picking super-powers… πŸ˜‰ Seriously, though, I really like the spread. I designed a similar one a few years back based on a tree – roots, trunk, but then had three separate branches for areas of growth, and two for positive and negative fruits of these. I don’t think your Bloom Where You Are Planted spread needs to be more focused – it seems to work just fine from where I’m planted πŸ˜€

  5. I really liked this spread, Arwen. You’re right about the bees. Several pesticides have been linked to killing a lot of them off. πŸ™

    I was looking over your list of Blog Hop participants, and noticed I’m 31. I was all like, 3+1=4 which is about stability and structure. And 4 is the Emperor, which is Aries. And Aries is the Astrological sign of the new year, which starts tomorrow! Woo-hoo, I win!

    I’m a goober. πŸ™‚

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  7. I am a fan of your spread, and how you came to design it. I might pick another goal card face up, which I am notorious for, or add a card that can be some practical advice. Interesting reading!

    1. Amanda, I often have a “what else” spot as the last of my client readings. It’s designed to be a “What else does the Universe need you to know” opportunity. So that’s a great idea. Maybe a dropped petal to keep in the flower theme. πŸ˜€

  8. I love the idea of growing/blooming where you are planted and have always tried to live my life that way. Great spread πŸ˜€

  9. I like your take on the theme, Arwen. I worked with the spread and got some interesting results – definitely gives me plenty to ponder. One thing I did change, was the second question. I didn’t feel an affinity to the where you came from aspect so going on another aspect of roots I asked where I get my nourishment.
    Happy Spring!

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