Control, Inspiration & Overdoing It

More on Arwen’s exploration of the Elemental Dignities.

Continuing on with the Elemental Dignities work, I am now using the Rosetta Tarot. Yes, I finally unwrapped it. For those who aren’t in on this joke, when I got this deck, I couldn’t get past the Fool card. It was so full of symbols and meaning. Truly couldn’t stop staring at it. 😀 I finally made myself unwrap it. Did the initial flip-through yesterday. The Death card in this deck is on my top 10 favorites of all-time. WOW.

However, this post is about the Elemental Dignities and is not a review. 😀 I’ll do that down the road once I’ve worked with the deck a bit. That’s just my preference when I can take some time. On to the cards.

Focusing on Body, Mind, Spirit (a Mary K. Greer spread that I learned from her Tarot For Yourself), I pulled:

BODY: Chariot
MIND: 3 of Wands (Fire)
Spirit: 10 of Cups (Water)

Well, without looking up what the Chariot is (and I am guessing Water since it’s associated with Cancer), this seems to say that mind will be overshadowed by Body and Spirit issues.

Booyah! Using Lizzie’s handy Major Arcana list, I find that I was right. The Chariot is Water.

Turning to Catherine Chapman and Douglas Gibb’s incredible Dignities Dictionary, I learn that the center fire card is rendered very weak by the two water flanking cards.

Because I have a desperate need for position meanings, I take this to mean that my mind will be more inclined to charge ahead (Chariot energy) and overindulge (10 of Cups) rather than be inspired like the 3 of Wands. So because I’ll be overdoing it and trying to control my world, I am going to have a dull mind day?

So far that has been quite true today as my mind has been trying to stay on the straight and narrow but Spirit and Body are not on the same page. 😀

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