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I’ve designed this spread to focus on a situation that requires you to take a gamble on. This can be a new relationship, a job you are considering applying for, a new city you might move to, etc.

If you

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I am not a poker player but I have played this version online a bit. I thought it would make an interesting Tarot spread. I’ve designed this spread to focus on a situation that requires you to take a gamble on. This can be a new relationship, a job you are considering applying for, a new city you might move to, etc.

If you do this spread on your blog, share your link in the comments. If you do it and want help interpreting it, post your cards and the positions in the comments. I’ll help the first three who ask and do my best to answer anyone else after that.

Tarot Hold ‘Em Spread

Before you lay any cards, put the top card facedown to one side. This is known as the Burn. We will return to this.

First position: 2 cards These are your hole cards or your pocket cards. These are face up. These will be things you know or should know about your considered gamble. In Texas Hold ‘Em this is what you make your first bet on. Think of the “Aces in the hole” term and you understand this position.

Put the next card facedown in the Burn pile.

The Flop position: 3 cards These are communal cards in the traditional game. So we will name them as things your community of friends and family bring to this decision.

Put the next card facedown in the Burn pile.

The Turn: 1 card Here is another communal card meaning everyone plays off of it. For this spread though, we will name this as the card that shows you what might turn your decision another way. It may make your yes a firm yes or it could make it a “hell no”.

Put the next card facedown in the Burn pile.

The River: 1 card is the last of the communal cards. Here it will mean what will carry you to (or away) from this gamble. It will be the impetus or what you have to struggle against.

The Showdown: 1 card pulled from the Burn pile for the Universe’s input on this. You can see this as a yes/no if you like, but I prefer to think of it as a help or a hindrance.

The Burn: These last three the cards you didn’t get to see. Don’t use these in the reading. Exercise control and put them back in the deck. If you can–muahahahahaha! I have a curious nature. I am sure I will peek.

If you peek, you must include these cards in the reading as things you will miss by taking this gamble. They can be “Whew, I missed that” or “oh snap, I missed that” answers.

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Not sure? See what others think of my work with them.

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9 thoughts on “Poker, Gambling & Tarot”

  1. I’m going to have a go at this one today, Arwen, but since m’blog is only about court cards, will just be doing it privately. Am going to spread the word about the spread though! Excellent!!

    Ali x

  2. My two cards that represent the choice: The Chariot (yep, two things that I currently marshall forwards to good effect) and The Queen of Wands (who tells me that I can do whatever I want, if I am prepared to do what it takes)

    My Flop Cards – Two of Swords – there is a choice, but use your head to make it! The King of Wands warns against getting carried away by the Big Picture and forgetting to buckle down and look at the nitty gritty. Princess of Wands – the excitement of beginning something new and the concerns of being a beginner…

    BTW – this deck – even thought giving me nearly all the Wands, has not been used for my court card blog. All cards taken from different bits of the deck!

    The Turn card – 6 Wands – Victory…..hmmmm – well, if I could be assured of Victory, I would damn well jump and be done with it! But what IS victory? Many things to many people lol!

    The River – 8 of Cups – I struggle with the idea of leaving something that is good for the hope that I’ll find something better. And again – define ‘better’?!

    Showdown – Strength – looks like the Universe says that I’ve got the chops to do it.

    Hmmmm – and I resisted the temptation to look at the burn cards. No, who am I kidding – Death, bloody hell, the Prince of Wands and The Lovers. So I will miss: having some compulsorily closed doors! I will miss having to give things up. That doesn’t sound too bad! However, if I take this gamble, the Lovers indicates that I might not be making the right choice for my highest good. All that ‘victory’ and ‘success’ might come at a high cost maybe? I also miss out on the go-ahead stamina of the Knight of Wands. Fair enough – I got the other three lol!

    Plenty to think about!

    Ali x

    1. Thanks, Ali. I’m intrigued by the Turn. That’s pretty interesting. Do you think you are overanalyzing that card? And way is anal in the middle of that? Hmmm?

  3. I never noticed that analysing was anal lol! 😀

    Well, maybe I should just do it – how bad could it be if I fail? No-one will end up homeless….. but poisoned maybe! 😉

    Ali x

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