March 2012 Podcast

Are you intrigued by what the month ahead holds for you? Check out my free monthly Tarotscopes podcast. I pull a card for each sign then offer my thoughts on it. Also you can now subscribe to this blog on your Kindle. Check out the podcast for an offer for those who become Kindle subscribers.

And please join me here where I will be pulling a card a day for you.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

4 thoughts on “March 2012 Podcast”

  1. I went off to hear my Tarotscope. You do these VERY well, Arwen. There are no erms, or ahs or sweary words of any stripe (thinking of whenever *I* try to do a podcast lol!)

    LEO – hmmmm – lot to think about!

    Ali x

  2. Bah-humbug, Gemini Five of Cups! I think I already know what that’s about, and I’m not happy about it 🙁 Still, I shall try to remember to reach out for emotional support…

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