Kerfuffles, Llamas & Calm

I’ve adopted a “drama is for llamas” attitude and tend to stay out of political kerfuffles or at least backchannel as much as possible. In a way, this is questioning that. But is it questioning my strength of resolve or my choice…

I decided to do a reading on a current situation occurring in my life. It involves another human being trying to cause a kerfuffle with me. At this time, I’ve taken the compassionate approach because I truly believe them to be afflicted with a mental disability. I was raised to be kind to those less fortunate.

I took this spread from Lisa Frideborg Lloyd.

It’s a deceptively simple three card spread. My favorite kind! The way I do a reading is I first look at the cards and see what they say to me. Then I look at the book. Then I synthesize. Hang on! We’re going in. I’m using the Mary-el Tarot–which I highly recommend.

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1. The main lesson for me during this unpleasant kerfuffle: Well hello! The Tower shows up. Boom. Pow. Boiinnnggg! I keep hearing cartoon fight noises when I look at this in relationship to this situation. I nearly called it this silliness so I guess that kind of points out my attitude, huh. But the Tower would seem to indicate a slightly more serious (or is that sinister) approach.

The outline of this tower is the Statue of Liberty. The people don’t seem to be falling so much as explosively expelled from the burning edifice. The sides are bluish grey almost tornadic clouds while the fire from the statue splits the card with a ruby red. My takeaway from this before I look at the book is that my main lesson is about how a burning brand can split the world. In order for the two halves to join, they must bridge this natural disaster.

Book says: When God strikes us with lightning, blowing apart the carefully constructed Tower of our life, we can see it as a blessing or a curse…freedom from unnecessary things and things which are no longer part of your reality. Caveat: where I am using the ellipse means I am skipping from one thing and tacking on something else from further in the card’s description.)

My synthesis: I have done a great deal of hard work to maintain my new self. I’ve adopted a “drama is for llamas” attitude and tend to stay out of political kerfuffles or at least backchannel as much as possible. In a way, this is questioning that. But is it questioning my strength of resolve or my choice. That’s the real question I think.

2. The worst approach/do less or not at all: The Four of Wands which shows, interestingly enough, a tree rising up and beyond the borders of the card. This is like some ancient redwood rising up from a solid base branching out. The sky is orange and brown…almost as if there is a fire somewhere near by. Could this tree be the safe distance I’ve maintained from the crazy of this individual?

Book says: Take the energy and change something in the world with it…let it be the fuel that drives you.

My synthesis: So the worst approach is to let this situation cause me to react. Basically don’t add fuel to the crazy fire.

3. The most helpful approach/do more: I love this Queen of Disks. She is connected. I mean that literally. Her hair is tree branches that coil and curl up. They pierce her lip and nose but she doesn’t appear to be in any discomfort. Is she emerging from the tree or is the tree emerging from her. Woodwife is a word that comes to me when I look at this card. Tears come from one eye (the other eye is obscured by curls coming from it), but the tears turn into diamonds.

There is a French fairy tale that I have long loved about two sisters. One is ugly to an old woman while the other is kind. The ugly one spews toads and slugs when she speaks but the kind one diamonds and pearls–thanks to the curse/blessing from the old woman who was, of course, a witch in disguise.

Some flowers bloom in the lower right corner around a path that leads into some hidden spot. Sanctuary, I wonder?

I am connected. I do have friends. I could rally the troops quite easily, but I think this is more about making sure my intentions are right…good. Power is an interesting concept. I’m listening to the second book of Lian Hearn‘s Tales of the Otori: Grass For His Pillow. In it, a character wonders if a hunger for power isn’t like swimming in a river heavy with minerals. She ponders that perhaps those who seek power are calcified, hardened by that seeking. Intriguing that I would have just heard that part of the book (chapter 1 or 2) about an hour ago, yes?

Book says: A safe and secure environment where people and things can grow strong and unconquerable.

My synthesis: (First a note that those are not tree limbs but bull horns as in Hathor) It would seem that the most helpful approach is to nurture and shelter those who are also affected by this drama llama and maintain my borders.

The Tower is Fire in the Elemental Dignity system. It is strengthened by the “do less” approach of the other Fire card, the Four of Wands. However, the Earth card is friendly so this is a strong center card from the Elemental Dignity aspect (correct me if I’m wrong, y’all!)

So I feel that this reading confirms my original stance to keep calm and carry on. I welcome thoughts!

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