Ouroboros, Home & Baphomet

Oh, what is written on the 9 of Disks’ arms is the Latin terms solve and coagula. This means to dissolve and coagulate, which are opposing alchemical processes. Fascinating.

Thoughts? Comments? Insights?

Back to Elemental Dignities I go. I went up to see my honey this weekend which included an amazing hike in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. I was rejuvenated.

I pulled this triad late but focused on today as the information I was looking to access. My, but I was suprised. 😀

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I got a strong earth combination with the 5 of Disks as the Body, 7 of Disks as the Mind and Spirit is the 9 of Disks.

The center card is the one that is important in these triads with the flanking cards either helping or hindering or simply negating by being neutral.

I think I’m in love with White’s male Medusa. On his chest is an oubourus encircling a view of a verdant valley split by a sapphire stream. A new moon hangs in the sky at the far end while a tree sits to the right of the first curve of the stream. This is my Body card, the 5 of Disks.

I don’t see this as a tattoo. To me, given the position of the emblem, it looks like a view into his heart. That’s where he really wants to be. The look on his face is soft as he gazes into his heart’s desire. A leaf rests at his belly ala Adam but it is not healthy looking to me. It makes me think he’s not in a place where he can grow.

*THUD* I’ll get back to this.

The Mind also shows a valley that is darker but the sun is rising between the mountains in a blaze of fire. Two pillars are on either side that look watery or crystalized perhaps. Disks (four on the left and three on the right) float in a fiery outpouring. There is a single yellow line from each one that joins the sun or maybe the sun is lighting the fires. It seems to be a two way street. This 7 of Disks makes me think of balancing work and all the other things I do.

My Spirit card is the 9 of Disks. Scary to some, a three headed goatman squats on the earth. I think of Baphomet when I see this card. He is winged with a new moon sitting over his right shoulder. A caduceus with rainbow serpents rises from his pelvis. The caduceus is the staff carried by Hermes in Greek mythology and is seen on medical diplomas everywhere. One hand is up and one is down in the traditional “As above, so below” pose of Christ, the Magician and sometimes the Hierophant as well. There is also a fire in the lower wheel of his belly. Salve is tattooed on the right arm doing up and something that might be consula goes down the left. Truth or Consequences is my instinct but I’ll read the book.

I see my spirit as being governed by will from this 9 of Disks.

So what I get is a heavy home influence here. And, that would be so very true. I am actually applying for jobs in a different part of the state so I can be with my love. That was what made me go *thud* earlier. I’m not in a place where I can grow.

So I’m off to read the book. Be back in a bit. Don’t go anywhere, okay?

Words to think about from the book:

5 of Disks (Body) “it is paradise, heaven that we find within ourselves.

7 of Disks (Mind) “Pray to God, but row for the shore.”

9 of Disks (Spirit) is Baphomet and Marie White wrote quite extensively on this card. It has one of the longest set of notes I’ve seen so far. “In the 9 we DO know ourself.”

As before, I am awestruck by this deck. I have an interview with Marie that I will be posting soon. Just need to find some free time to focus on that!

Oh, what is written on the 9 of Disks’ arms is the Latin terms solve and coagula. This means to dissolve and coagulate, which are opposing alchemical processes. Fascinating.

4 thoughts on “Ouroboros, Home & Baphomet”

  1. Isn’t life a b***h! You get a new office and lots of energy and enthusiasm, then realise that for a different aspect of yourself you need to move. Still, I imagine that the energy you have accessed in your work life will accompany you wherever you choose to go.

    Btw, you didn’t say, in terms of Elemental Dignities, it means to have nothing but Earth. I guess they’re all happy together, but perhaps a bit of a narrow focus?

    1. Chloe, right? LOL And the where of the move is so up in the air. That’s making me a bit edgy. I’ll just have to focus on the here and now so that the future takes care of itself. I like that narrow focus aspect. Thank you for that. Guess I need a shovel. LOL

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