Cold, Bold & Holy

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Today’s three card draw brings back an old friend. Well as old as a friend can be when I’ve only known this deck for four days. 😐 Still, this card has been showing up a lot for me with the Mary-El Tarot. I will pay more attention to the book this time.

Today’s Elemental Dignities are Earth/Fire/Fire which is a strong combination. Fire and Earth are neutral to one another but those two Fire cards make this a strong combination.

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Strong combinations are easier to me. The Earth will dampen this a bit but not much. That’s a bit too much fire.

Going with my Body/Mind/Spirt again, here are my insights as I look at the cards.

The weakest of the three is Body with the Four of Disks. This card seems lonely to me. That road winds and twists towards cold mountains. There is a star in the sky (looking rather “a star, a star, burning brightly in the night” to me) but the house on the hill is what I see. Four windows lit with gold light so you know someone is home. But the traveler on that lonely road? What if they have an accident? I don’t think those up in the house high on the hill would hear much less care.

My take away is that my body is cold and lonely. LOL Okay. So maybe this is about my lack of desire to hit the gym lately. Every little ache becomes an excuse!

[Noted from the book: Settle, harmonize and balance your mundane life.]

My synthesis of what I saw and the book is that balance of body is best. And that means balancing the small complaints against the larger value of a healthier me. So take that, stupid knee and neck pain!

Mind is that ubiquitous 9 of Wands. Again, the tiger protecting the woman. Today she looks a bit indifferent as if she is not worried about anything. The flame in her hand seems to captivate her in an almost mesmerizing way.

My take away is that my mind may be over-focused on other things. Sort of an auto-pilot day.

[Noted from the book: Ride the Lightning. Be bold and brilliant. Do not be tamed.]

Well then, my synthesis is that I need to continue on my path of blazing my own trail. I love the keywords for this one! Who doesn’t want to be told “do not be tamed”, right?

And Spirit shows the dark Knight of Wands. I really like this card for the way the eyes and lightning bolt tatoo pop. But the card is uber dark. My eyes have a really hard time seeing this. I would not be able to see this at all in dim lighting.

My take away for the Knight of Wands as Spirit is that I am moving towards enlightenment and spiritual awakening today. With the other strong Fire, I think today will be one of passion and intensity. I hope that Earth can pull me down just a bit. LOL

[Noted from the book: The quest and search for power. The holy flame, though not necessarily with the maturity to use it responsibly.]

Ouch. That’s a bit of a smackdown, right? Looking for it but be careful. You can’t handle it yet. Still, that echoes gently in my soul. I do need to be cautious in my spiritual approach.

So that’s today’s Elemental Dignity reading. Fire, baby. Let’s hope I don’t get burned or burn anyone, eh?

I do apologize for the quality of the images. Working on getting my scanner to chat with my PC again. 😀

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2 thoughts on “Cold, Bold & Holy”

  1. Body does feel overpowered by mind and spirit here. That fire energy looks like it could totally dry up the earth of Pents.

    I love that you got that crusading energy of the knight of wands for spirit. There’s no shame in still being a Quester on the spiritual path! 🙂

    Lots of love Ali x

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