Krysten Barnes’ Candle Spread

Continuing on with my exploration of the spreads shared in our Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop, here is Krysten Barnes‘s offering. I used the Mary-El Tarot for this spread as part of my exploration of this, dare I say it, shamanistic Tarot deck.

How Can I Be A Better Candle?

Mary-El Tarot King of Cups1. How can I create healing in my own life? King of Cups is one of the cards that really caught my eye when I did my initial flip through of this deck. Not because he’s in the all-together. It had more to do with how he looked like he was growing into and with the pond in an almost treelike fashion. For me, some of these cards are better viewed standing up like the small pieces of art that they are. He floats with a trident cradled on his chest and one eye turned towards the viewer. He is watchful and protective, I think.

My take way is that I need to nurture my quiet, creative side more. I need to let my mind drift a bit rather than try to force it down certain paths. And a spin in the hot tub wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Book says: Master of your subconscious, knowing the self enough not to be a slave to it but to learn from it and derive power from it for it is infinitely wise. Intoxication. Good sleep.

Putting it together: Okay the “good sleep” part made me giggle. I have been running on empty for a bit so sleep would be a good thing. I think that my initial interaction with this watery king was in tune with the creatrix’s idea of her interpretation of Neptune. On a side note, in my astrological chart, Neptune is the only planet that is not involved with another planet. I know! I’m not sure what that means either.

Mary-El Tarot Page of Disks2. How will that assist me in bringing hope to others? Page of Disks shows a small child who looks native to me. He’s got beautiful cocoa colored skin and is wearing beaded mocassins. It looks as if he is sleeping on a shield or some leather item. His eyes are closed. I don’t know why I’m so certain this child is male but I am. In one hand there is a piece of some plant that looks like it might be some type of grain.

Since this question is in conjunction with the one before, I think that by taking time out to let my creative mind wander(heal), I can bring something new to my community. Something that will need nurturing but will be cherished by all. Well, that’s a big dream, isn’t it.

Book says: Have faith in your own abilities, you were made for this. Pefection in form. Be grounded in the moment and in the moment. Take your skills and walk forward in life.

Putting it together: LOL. FINE! Do you think she was peeking at this post when she wrote that? I know. I know. But still…

Mary-El Page of Cups3. What areas do I need to be more courageous? Page of Cups shows a young person who is heavily tatooed or maybe it is body paint. The figure is facing away and bald but here I see a young woman–perhaps a novice in a religious order? A fish swims down from her head to her shoulders while another fins is seen at the base of the card but you can’t tell if it is another fish or a wave. In front of her, though she is not looking at it, there is a sail.

This makes me think that I must be more courageous in my emotional interactions. I cannot look away from the ship setting sail.

Book says: Unconditional love,non judgment, do what is right, right thoughts, right actions

Putting it together: So the whole concept of unconditional love is one I have a problem with. Must I be more courageous with how I offer or how I accept unconditional love? Or is it that I know what the right thoughts/actions are and I must be courageous to take those on?

4. What area do needs the most emotional house cleaning? Ace of Swords shows an Eagle man whose arms are bound. His belly is decorated as a rising sun or perhaps a furnace. His head is down and his wings are back. He seems restrained but on the verge of breaking through to me.

My thought when I saw this was that my mental focus needs emotional house cleaning. Which is odd to me but I can see how that fits. I’ve allowed other people’s crap to clutter up my hulu hoop something fierce lately. I need to step away from those that constantly have an axe to grind. It makes me want to grind my own. That isn’t healthy for me.

Book says: First step towards redemption and exaltation. Open minds, ideals, ideas, good plan. Clear vision. Desire to rise, climb and find the truth. Intense and singular focus.

Putting it together: Okay, that pretty much nails what I said. Clear vision and a desire to rise above the crap.

Mary-El Tarot Emperor5.Where do I need to start on my mission to becoming a better candle? The Emperor holds a sheathed sword. His grip looks so easy on what appears to be a heavy weapon. He leans his forehead against the scabbard. The scabbard is decorated with very simple fish shapes that have one ruby eye. A stylized dragonfly is on his temporal lobe bu the base has roots as if this creature of air is also a creature of earth. His expression is pensive almost to the point of sad.

I think this tells me that no matter how heavy the burden, to be a better candle, I must protect what I view as mine. The sword is heavy but if my grip is light, it won’t be that hard. Interesting that it goes from the King of Cups in the beginning to this man of courage and conviction at the end.

Book says: Father, paternity. Application of energy. Building, constructing, structuring, slow and wise expansion, and management of an empire. Doesn’t happen overnight. Be strong and straight. Stability, boundaries, limits, order. Loving kindness. Guidance.

Putting it together: Strong and straight is an interesting combination of words and irks the queer femme in me. The rational woman realizes that it doesn’t mean queer is weak, but that’s where my mind went. But I do think I connected with this card. What leaps out at me from the book is “application of energy” because that has to be done smartly to be done well.

A very introspective spread for me–in part due to the Mary-El tarot and definitely kudos to Krysten for a great spread. Her questions made this work for me. Have you tried it?

Please note that the images are pulled from Marie’s site and may not be the image from the deck. Some were changed a bit from final painting to finished product.

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2 thoughts on “Krysten Barnes’ Candle Spread”

  1. ooooh I think I might just have seen enough of this deck in your post to HAVE to buy it. These cards are BEAUTIFUL Arwen!

    I too struggle with unconditional love 🙂 But then, if it was EASY we’d all be doing it lol!

    That Emperor card is just divine! Are you managing to be a better candle?!

    1. I’m having the best time with this deck. The Schiffer publisher is coming y’all’s way right? Have him put a few in his luggage. LOL

      I get almost angry when I think about the concept of unconditional love.

      Off to do my three card ED for the day.

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