Musings On The Fool’s Journey: The Fool Meets The Sun

The Fool rolled over on his back. A bright light burned through his closed eyes. He opened them only to gasp as he threw his arm up to protect his eyes. What could be so bright?

Where the Fool was last.
The Fool dreamed of sunflowers and sunny days where no harm came to anyone. His dreams were moon-blessed so they were very joyful. But he did wake up hungry.

The Fool rolled over on his back. A bright light burned through his closed eyes. He opened them only to gasp as he threw his arm up to protect his eyes. What could be so bright?

He realized he was also very very warm–almost uncomfortably so. He could hear his little dog panting as well. The light dimmed some and he heard a small child laughing.

Carefully he opened his eyes. A white horse grazed near by while a young child laughed down at the Fool. On his head he wore a crown of sunflowers that encircled his head like the rays of sunshine that were dancing down from the sky.

“Who are you?” The Fool asked even as he remembered the Moon telling him that he would meet a twin. This must be the twin.

The child laughed again then pointed up. The Fool squinted as he tried to look at the Sun. A warm, cordial voice bade him stop.

“You shouldn’t look at me directly. You can do that with my sibling, Moon, but I am too bright for the human eye. You must look at me with your heart.”

“My heart doesn’t have eyes!” The Fool shot back recklessly. “Why, that doesn’t even make sense!”

The heat increased dramatically until the Fool realized the Sun was angry. He apologized for his rudeness. The temperature subsided almost immediately.

“Sorry. I do tend to have a hot temper sometimes. But I prefer being happy, don’t you?” As the Sun chuckled, so did the child. The Fool looked at the child.

“Is he your son, Sun?”

“In a way he/she is a representation of all my children. You see, without me, none of you would have life. My sibling, the Moon, has to have me in order to shine. I am the primary source, if you will. It may seem egotistical, but really, it’s true.”

The Fool thought about it for a moment, then nodded. He could understand that. “If you are the source of all life, are you the source of my Will? The Magician said that I must find it.”

The Sun said, “No, Fool. I am not the source of your Will, but you have asked a different question this time. Do you know what you asked my counterparts before me on your journey?”

The Fool didn’t question how the Sun knew about his other interactions. He just waited for the Sun to reveal the answer.

“You asked them if they had your Will. You asked me if I am the source of your Will. You are getting warmer.”

Laughing at the childish game of hot/cold, the Fool clapped his hands. “This is good.”

Then he looked at his dog. “But it would be better if you would just tell me, wouldn’t it? Save me from continuing on this journey?”

“I could do that, but then you would have wasted your time. Do you want me to do that? Do you want me to reveal the secret now and render all your other lessons moot?”

As his dog yapped and nipped at his fingers, the Fool thought about it. Counting the Sun, he’d met eighteen entities. It had been an arduous journey at times, but then he’d also met the nice lady who represented Strength. And the Emperor had been kind in his own way as well.

“No, I would not like that but thank you for that option.” The Fool opted to err on the side of caution. “Do you have any other lessons for me? Who will I see next?”

“Just remember that family and home and health are the most important to a happy life. I want to bring joy to your world, but if you overdo in any one area, you could burn out. Your next stop is not one I would want to make, but it is necessary if you would see the journey through.”

With that cryptic remark, the Sun dimmed and the child guided his horse over a nearby stone wall. When they landed, they disappeared into a field of sunflowers.

“Well.” The Fool scratched his head then his dog’s head. “That isn’t very comforting, is it? If the Sun doesn’t want to meet the next entity, why should I?”

His dog turned his head to one side as he applied his foot to his ear for a more vigorous scratching. Then he bounced off barking down the road.

The Fool scrambled to follow his little dog. Where would he go next? Would this journey never end?

“And by the way,” he said to no one in particular. “I’m still quite hungry.”

To be continued…

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