Chloe’s How Can I Shine Spread

Two Queens and the 8 of Swords walk into a bar…

The subject was “How Can I Be A Better Candle?”. I’ve done two spreads from other Tarot Blog Hop bloggers (Barbara Moore and Carolyn Cushing). This is my third. I love this woman’s blog. Chloe is across the pond from me. She maintains one of my favorite blogs called Inner Whispers. She didn’t name her spread so I did. Ha!

Chloe’s How Can I Shine Spread

  • Body of the candle – what fuels me/gives me strength?

I drew the Guardian of Air. She sits way up on a mountain playing her Tibetan bowl. Her fingers are held in a curious position that reminds me of a Balinese dancer. An owl wings its way in from over her right shoulder. Here is the queen of air, the swordsmistress, the intelligent, analytical woman. I have been getting her a lot lately in other spreads.

That means one of two things. Either I’m not shuffling my cards enough or the Universe would like me to pay attention to this woman. I have some issues with her. I consider myself more heart-led than head-led, but lately I’ve been in my head a lot. Perhaps what gives me strength is this ability to analyze when I must. It is an affirmation that my heart and head are together.

Or, I’m going to get Owl mail soon.

  • Wick of the candle – what lights me/inspires me?

Hello Elder of Fire. Didn’t I just have a visit with you as well recently? Strong women in these first two cards. I’m tempted to peek ahead at the next one, but no. I’ll focus on the King of Fire in her guise as a curanderia–a healer.

I am inspired by my journey towards health. I’ve lost nearly 30 lbs since September through diet and exercise. I know! Who knew that shit actually worked? But I am so focused on my health right now. Diabetes isn’t so bad. It’s the side effects that scare me. (That’s a joke, y’all. I say that’s a joke.)

But I’m going to the gym 3-4 times a week and now I’m trying to get a hooping session in on Fridays as well. So I think that’s my inspiration.

  • Flame – how can I shine my light/how can I best serve?

Wow. Can I get another 2×4, Universe? No really. 8 of Air shows someone with a talking stick. This is a different take on the normal 8 of Swords. Here we see a council of people working together. They are learning and sharing and teaching. That last word is what hit me when I pulled this card.

I must get back to teaching. I must move my light back to sharing with others if I am to truly shine my light. And this is a repetitive theme as well. Or is it that it is in my mind so I’m influencing the cards. Ah yes, the ubiquitous self-doubt.

I like this spread. I think if I had set a filter on the reading rather than just a general “what do I need to know”, that I might have gotten a more focused response. Well, not really. This one is pretty darned focus, eh?

What about you? How can you shine?

See Chloe’s original post here.

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One thought on “Chloe’s How Can I Shine Spread”

  1. Wow, Arwen, I’m so impressed that you’ve lost 30lbs since September – you go girl!

    And thanks for naming my spread 😉 It’s a good reminder that, when we’re all blogging on the same subject, I have to think of a different name for any spread I design, otherwise we’d have however many “How Can I Be A Better Candle” Spreads *d’oh*

    As for shining your light, I think you already teach us so much, without having to be in a classroom: how to be more joyful, how to build community, how to name spreads ;D

    Wishing you a joyful day,

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