Carolyn Cushing’s Winter Into Spring Spread

Here is my second spread I have chosen from the very enlightening Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop. We are already gearing up for Ostara where I will be a participant while Donnaleigh delaRose takes on the organization. And I think we have our Beltaine organizer already.

As I said in this post, there was a plethora of spreads. Well, I may not have said that exactly, but there were. This one is from Carolyn Cushing who used the Gaian Sun as her inspiration for her post on “how can I be a better candle?” I have a spread I develped for this same card which you can check out in my forthcoming Spreads e-book. More on that in the spring.

Carolyn’s spread spoke to me because of the idea of moving from winter into spring. For me, Imbolc’s candle symbolizes that first hope of the light of spring. It’s a promise of things to come. This “Winter Into Spring” spread takes a look backwards before moving forward. If you choose to do this spread, please let Carolyn know. I’d love to know as well.

Winter into Spring Spread
by Carolyn Cushing
  • Card 1: What winter / dark work do I need to complete before moving into spring / the light?
    • Ah Grandmother Death. I know your face. Here is the Elder of Fire who squats before her altar. She is the bridge between the living and the dead. She listens to the voices of the ancestors as well as to those still living. She has lived a life full of passion but she recognizes the dark. I see this as my own on-going need to be a bridge between the voice of old Arwen and new Arwen. I have grown so much, but there are times when old Arwen shows up in sudden, scary ways. My reaction to change is one of fear. That’s old Arwen. New Arwen knows that I have to embrace change even when it terrifies me. And is anyone else highly amused that Carolyn’s blog is named Art of Change? Hello Universe? You can stop with the 2×4, kthnksbai!
  • Card 2: What is a lesson learned in the dark time that I can take as a gift into the light?
    • Now I’m really giggling. The Tree in the Gaian is the Hanged Man. Joanna has chosen to show a serene woman in a yoga pose called the tree. I know, right? Crazy! But her clothing has taken on the color and concept of the sky while her body is turning the same gold as the leaves. She is aware that she must take this pause to refresh her soul. My lesson from this past winter was to pause. I did that in a very important relationship. That relationshio has now moved into high gear with both of us hurtling towards a shared goal. And that’s what is scaring the bejeezus out of me for card one./li>
  • Card 3: What can help me cross the threshold from winter into spring?
    • FINE! Just fine. Death. 😐 What the hell, Universe? Okay so I get this one. Close the door on my fears of change and just freaking finish changing, right? It’s a gentle process if you let it be. *thud* That last thought just popped out of my fingers. Normally I say that this is a hard, unpleasant change, but that got replaced with gentle. And I guess it is if you think about it. Once you are dead to the issue, you can just go forward. Once I’ve let go of all the fears holding me back, I can cross the threshold. But seriously, could this deck be more literal since Death is crossing a threshold? Joanna! This is all your fault. GRIN!
  • Card 4: How can I be a better candle?
    • Not a card I expected, but not a puzzler, either. The Hermit is my call to focus on my writing. I need to finish the two Tarot books I’m working on. One is going to be pitched to publishers while the other will be self-published. But I need to learn to pull back a bit more. There may be signals and signs I am not focusing on. The Hermit knows when it is time to retreat and when it is time to guide. I have to decide now if I’m ready to step out a bit more into the role of teacher. I haven’t taught a class or finished a book in a year. Think that is enough time off? Yeah, me too.
  • Card 5: What are the gifts of the light that may unfold for me in this season?
    • Awwwww, this is such a great card. The optimist in me sees the Two of Water as an affirmation of partnership this season. Not just with my handsome fella, but also with myself. I have an opportunity to rekindle some self-love. This card speaks to me about emotional connections that help you grow. The waterfall in the background is never-ending. It continually flows. Love is that way too. Once I can negotiate that threshold, I can expect the gift of love that doesn’t end. Me for me and us for us. I like that.

I do hope you will dive into this spread. For me, a good spread makes me think. It challenges me in some way and hopefully on more than one level. Carolyn’s Winter Into Spring spread has done just that.

And if you want to be a part of the Tarot Blog Hop, you can. Your blog doesn’t have to be a Tarot blog, but the post does need to incorporate Tarot or an Oracle deck of some type. Come check us out! We’d love to have you. Seek joy, y’all.

On a side note, when I had Wednesdays off, I was joining Carolyn in her weekly Tarot meditation sessions on the Majors. She’s still doing it and it’s for FREE, y’all. You ought to check that out. I really enjoyed it.

You can see images of the Gaian deck here.

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  1. So glad that you found the spread fruitful, Arwen. And I got Death as my threshold card as well! Sometimes the Tarot is just so literal. Umm, I am savoring your idea of the Two of Water as a partnership with the season …such a beautiful idea.

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