8 thoughts on “February 2012 Tarotscopes Free Podcast Is Available”

  1. Ah! Where is it? I can’t find it on iTunes and I can’t find it on here. No doubt it’s right in front of me….LOL. Thanks!

  2. Bindweed! Ah, but it makes sense: it is my lesson card of the winter season in The Wheel of the Year Spread that I do and contemplate over the months. And I have been doing a lot of reflecting / Tarot work / meditation on how this card is a teacher for me and how, yes, even the Devil is a teacher / healer as part of my musings on the Major Arcana as three circles of healing.

    And it was actually two different clients of mine that saw the birds as protective. I love it as it shows the wisdom of the wisdom of those who don’t “know” about the Tarot to intuitively find the healing within it.

    I love these monthly Tarotscopes. I’m going to add them to my next e-newsletter section called Tarot Treats from Around the Web. I am behind on my e-newsletter and today am nursing a cold. I feel a little constricted … ah, the Devil … so what is Devil teaching me now!

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