Barbara Moore’s Imbolc Spread

New spreads AND a new deck? I decided to start with the spread from the blog after mine. The talented Barbara Moore shared her vision of “how to be a better candle.” That included this simple three card spread.

On 1/31/2012, we had our first Tarot Blog Hop. Thanks to everyone who came by as well as to all the amazing Tarot bloggers who participated. One thing that was very apparent is that we are talented bunch of spread designers. There were a slew of new spreads. My fingers literally ITCHED to try some.

Then I got a new deck for review when I checked my mail. What more could the Universe hit me with? New spreads AND a new deck? I decided to start with the spread from the blog after mine. The talented Barbara Moore shared her vision of “how to be a better candle.” That included this simple three card spread.

Imbolc Spread

This is a spread that you can do to help you reflect as you prepare for the coming spring season.

Barbara Moore's Imbolc Spread 2012

  1. Purify: what you need to wash away, let go of, or make right. 7 of Swordsshows seven antique pistols.Hesitation, insolence, inadequacy are the upright keywords while recovered property, gossip, help from an unlikely place are the reversed. I don’t normally read with reversals preferring to take the approach that there is some of both in most cards.

    I see this as me needing to let go of some hurtful things in my own habits. I can hesitate at the wrong time. I’m likely to break my stride right at the beginning of a race. I do this out of a fear of inadequacy. I know it sounds odd, but I constantly wonder what I’m doing chatting to the likes of Rachel Pollack, Joanna Powell Colbert, Lisa Hunt, Kat Black and others. I mean they created decks. They exist in a stratosphere so far above me…

    But I know they don’t and I know that they would swat me (lovingly for the most part) upside the noggin. But that’s a lifelong battle I’ve been fighting. I am stronger and more confident these days, but there are those when I just want to weep over how I don’t fit in. Oh yes there are. Me. The Joy Missile. There are days when my tail fire kinda fizzles. So this card is a reminder that I can hold my own even when I think I can’t.

    And I actually like that Hunting chooses antique pistols as her pip identifiers for Swords. At first I wasn’t sure but then I realized that the act of firing the bullet is very air-oriented.

  2. Prepare: what you can focus on and re-establish (or strengthen) in your life and that will serve you in months ahead. 8 of Cupswhich features antique bottles.Upright words are Severing ties, change of outlook and safety. Reversed words are restless, looking for something new.

    Interesting in the “severing ties” area and how to change my outlook since I’m looking at some pretty big changes on my personal horizon. Don’t really want to divulge what those are just yet, but the emphasis for me is on safety. What I think is safe may not be so I need to take some emotional risks here.

  3. Shine: how you can gently shine in your everyday life and that will be of service or inspiration to others. Ace of Cupsshows a bottle in a faint decorative oval. It is reminiscent of the RWS Ace in the wreath.Upright words are patience, serenity, empathy while the reversal meanings are loneliness, drastic action.

    I see this as my own inclination towards a patience mien towards others even in rather slapdash situations. I try to remain serene and joyful as much as possible. As card one pointed out, I have my “holes” that I fall into, but I know how to climb out of them.

    The Ace of Cups, for me, is an indicator that my Seek Joy campaign is working. Now to take it global. Muahahahahah!

Today’s deck is available from the creatrix, Misha Huntting. I will go into it more including a proper review. For now suffice it to say that it will appeal to those of you who enjoy offbeat, darker decks like the Bohemian Gothic or the Day Of The Dead. It is a Marseilles-style in that the pips are not illustrated but the Majors, on first glance, follow the Rider-Waite-Smith scheme.

P.S. I wanted to get scans but ran out of time. 🙂 Go to Misha’s site to see some images. I like this deck. Oh yes I do.

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4 thoughts on “Barbara Moore’s Imbolc Spread”

  1. Love this! Just did it with the Pamela Coleman Smith anniversary edition. Card 1 (Purify): The Chariot — perfect considering I just came back from a lot of travel and have had so much change in my life; Card 2 (Prepare): Ace of Pentacles; Card 3 (Shine): Six of Wands. Very positive as I prepare for the new season and struggle with finishing this novel mss. Yay Imbolc spread! Thanks, Barbara.

    1. Kris, that’s awesome. I love the Ace of Pentacles and 6 of Wands. Barbara created an awesome spread. Good luck on the mss. In the words of a famous fiction writer, “finish the damn book.”

  2. Hi Arwen,

    Lovely reading! This is such a great spread. As for that Seven of Swords stuff, for a different perspective I totally see you being in that otherworldly league with Joanna et al. You’re a published author and the President of the ATA! I was so pleased and excited the first time you commented on my blog, like having some author autograph a book for me, but better as you’d actually read something I’d written 😀

    Anyhow, looking forward to seeing world domination through joy seeking 😉

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