#Tarot Blog Hop: Imbolc Tour

The subject is “How can I be the best candle.” The only parameters were that we use that topic and make it related to Tarot or an Oracle deck. As I thought about the question, it occurred to me that a candle can do several things.

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be 6 a year Tarot Round Robins. This came about because of a post on Facebook in a group called Tarotholics. Someone (me) said we should do a round robin where we all posted on the same subject and linked to the blog before us and after us so folks could peruse a number of Tarot blogs. Well that was really well accepted. We have a total of 34 Tarot bloggers for your first round robin. I’d love it if you could leave me a comment just to let me know you were here. And comment as you hop. πŸ˜€

Hopefully you got here from The Hermit’s Lamp’s page or you might have come from Andrew’s Tarot. Either way, have fun! If not, you can start from here and hop through as many blogs as you can.

The subject is “How can I be the best candle.” The only parameters were that we use that topic and make it related to Tarot or an Oracle deck. As I thought about the question, it occurred to me that a candle can do several things.

  • It can be unlit.
  • It can be lit.
  • It can be lit at both ends.

Of course, this first made me think about how I am not lit in my life. Where am I lacking spark or effort? What do I need to do to light up that part of me?

The second was more of a “atta girl” as in where am I already lit? Where am I creating light and fire for myself and others?

Then the third in this little seesaw balancing spread was where am I burning the candle at both ends? Where am I putting out too much fire, too much effort? What area of my life could use a little damping of that flame?

Gaian Tarot Two Of Earth1. Where do I lack spark? Two of Earth tells me that I am lacking spark in my juggling skills. I am not balanced enough. This makes me think that I am over-focused on one area of my life letting another area drop. Because this is a card of community, I wonder if I am not doing enough in my greater Tarot community. Perhaps there are areas where I can use my skills to mediate between the squalling child and the frustrated quiet one.

This falls in line with an idea that I’ve been kicking around about a worldwide Tarot Council where members from every organization are represented as well as a number of those who are NOT affiliated with any group. All this group would do would be to review reader applications and say “recommended” or “not recommended”. There would be NO MONEY INVOLVED so hopefully we could eliminate the very human need to be in control of the purse strings. This wouldn’t be a “pay us money to get certified” thing. It would be a review board that just said, “Yes, this person is a competent Tarot reader.” And I open up a HUGE can of worms here because what defines competent is very subjective. But I digress. That’s for another post another day.

Gaian Tarot Three of Air2.Where am I creating light? Three of air shows a man journalling. He’s working on matters of the heart most likely since the three of swords sticks out from his journal. I create light with my seeking joy campaign. I show others how to clear their emotional debris away so they can seek joy themselves. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s often quite painful, but for me it’s a necessity. I choose to thrive rather than just survive. So I continually write things out to help me find that joy that feeds me.

I think this points to my work here where I am posting a card a day. I am not doing “this card means this” posts. I’m doing more like riffs on what the card makes me think about. One that was particularly fun for me was the Surrender card from the Vertical Oracle. It shows a snowman on a steeply angled mountain. Where can he go but down from there?

Gaian Tarot Seven of Air3.Where am I burning the candle at both ends? Seven of air made me laugh out loud, y’all. This is so me. I’ve got the map. I’m on the journey. But where am I supposed to be next? I’ve moved from using my online calendar (Gmail which syncs to my iPhone) to also using a paper datebook. I can make lists and track things a bit more easily in the bright pink planner in my purse. How alliterative! But I sometimes say yes to too many things. And then I get lost. My schedule can be so tight that if one person is more than ten minutes late, my entire day is thrown off. 😐 That’s crazy making, y’all. I see that I need to let go of more. Let others do more. I think I’ll let someone else organize the next blog hop. Yeah, that’s the ticket. πŸ˜€ Now how to tell them.

Joanna says of theΒ card that it can be a reminder to leave room for serendipity. Maybe I’m overstuffing my days.

And the other thing here is that two of my three cards were mental cards. How interesting. My Aquarius Rising self thinks “ooh shiny” as it flits off to another thing then comes back for a minute. Monkey brain? Heck, I’ve got Hummingbird brain. Much faster and flightier than Monkey brain. Aside: Monkey brain makes me think of that scene from the 2nd or was it the 3rd Indiana Jones movie.

See? Hummingbird brain!

Now hop on to the next blog here before my mind takes off again.

Pssst! Want to join us? Clicky! Corrected. Thanks Sharyn from Quirkeries! Just so you know, it’s a closed group on Facebook so you do need to ask to join. But, there are five admins so someone will be along shortly to let you in.

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30 thoughts on “#Tarot Blog Hop: Imbolc Tour”

  1. Great reading for yourself, Arwen! I totally understand if you don’t want to organise the next blog hop – it is a LOT of work. Thank you so much for all the effort you putting into making this work <3

    1. Lisa, Donnaleigh stepped up to do the next one. I think it will be great fun if we have a different organizer each time and randomize who’s connected to whom. It was a blast putting this together but I really believe in sharing the role of leadership. Something I learned from the 10 of Air in the Gaian Tarot. πŸ™‚

  2. Greetings, Arwen! First of all thank you so much for organizing this! In summary, it seems like a rather simple project, but in making it real there were lots and lots of details! I think you do tons for the Tarot community! Not to say that your Council idea shouldn’t be further explored! Thanks for reminding me there are 2 ends of the candle! Be well, Carolyn

    1. Carolyn, it really did take on it’s own life and I was so amazed by that. One thing I’ve loved is seeing the great turn out of really interesting blog posts. It’s just been awesome. Now on to Ostara! πŸ™‚

  3. Ha, humingbird mind – I am so there with you! I blame my double Gemini-ness. Still, with your inspiration hopefully we can be joyful humingbirds together πŸ˜‰

    Thanks so much for organising this, Arwen, it’s a lot of fun, and inspiring too!

    1. Hummingbirds do make me happy. I am sitting here watching the sparrows (Song and English both) at my feeder. I wonder when the hummingbirds will be back. I need to buy a feeder. OOOOH hummingbird mind in action!

  4. Hummingbird brain, LOL!! And yet I would guess that hummingbirds are seeking joy . . . don’t you think? Dang, I wish I’d put a hummingbird somewhere in the Gaian. Hmmm. Thanks for sparking and organizing this Blog Hop, Arwen. Too much fun!

    1. Grin! Joanna, don’t make me do another post on what didn’t make it into the Gaian Tarot. My poor snails. LOL I’m just a happy girl right now for all the people who dove in and posted.

  5. Wow! I Love the spread, I’m actually gonna do it for myself and blog about it! Inspiring! Everything about you is chock full of light energy Arwen!

  6. I had to giggle when you said this:

    2.Where am I creating light? Three of air shows a man journalling.

    Because, girl, you created light with this candle train of blogs. Through your blogging journaling, you found your light.

    You are well lit, girlfriend.


  7. Very Competent πŸ˜‰

    Arwen, I can tell from your reading you do have a lot on your plate but I can’t let you give up organizing this! You did such a great job!

    1. You can’t what, Amy? πŸ˜€ Take this on? LOL. Donnaleigh has graciously taken over Ostara. I think we will just play pass the reins so no one has to do it all and we can all share the credit for this amazing journey. πŸ˜€

  8. Pssst! Want to join us? Clicky!

    I would be interested in joining the round but the clicky at the bottom of your post leads me to a facebook page that says: You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive.

    could you email me a direct link?
    thanks, Sharyn

  9. I like your own writing on this topic, Arwen. You’ve created a simple but effective three-card spread that is helpful for anyone at any time: Where do I lack spark? Where do I create light? Where am I burning the candle at both ends? As a personal notes, this spread resonates with me because I try to view the energies behind the cards in “too little” or “balanced” or “too much.” I’m sure you can see the parallels!

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