REVIEW: Time On Your Hands

Of course those that know me are roaring with laughter …why? Read the post to find out.

Time On Your Hands: A Study in Palmistry
Maiay Gray-Cobb
ISBN: 978-0-7643-3904-2

This slim volume is packed with information. The author obviously has devoted quite a lot of research. I like the way the book dives right into the subject matter.

At first I was dismayed at the lack of pictures, but then I realized that I was missing that at the top of each page were the lines being referred to. You do have to rely on your own judgment about the shape of thumbs and some other things may seem a bit ambigous. Apparently my lack of a prominent first phalange marks me as a talker more than a doer. Why I never.

Of course those that know me are roaring with laughter because I can talk to WALLS. 😉

My hand shape is pointed which is the hand of the psychic. Hmmm… I now want to see all of my Tarot/Reader friends hands. It also says I am idealistic, impractical and have no sense of order. Well, FINE! Truth hurts.

There is just a ton of detail in this book. I think it would be a lot of fun to get together with friends to use this book. Well worth the $16.99 for the amount of information. You will have to orient yourself to the lines at the top of the pages, but once you’ve got that under your belt, you will be a party favorite in no time.

Highly recommended.


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