Towels, Quitting & Messages

I’m giving up. I’m quitting. I’m throwing in the towel.

I’m giving up. I’m quitting. I’m throwing in the towel. Not on my writing, but on my professional writing affiliation. I’ve been thinking about it since the middle of November. I have until 12/31 to send in my dues for next year before I am hit with the rejoining fee. I belong to three chapters. Two of those are online and one is a local chapter. Because of my work schedule, I have not been able to go to any local meetings but I am fairly active on all three chapter loops.

Last year, my writing partner, Cai Smith, opted to not renew her membership. I’ve talked with her a bit about what she misses. She said the chapters were her biggest loss. I know for a fact that I will miss my chapters, but I also know that I need to do this for me. I can always rejoin later.

There’s some emotional charge attached to this. I joined RWA just before my mother passed away in 2002. So I’ve been a member for almost 10 years. That’s a long time to belong. I got my initial contacts from an RWA conference so you can say that I am published specifically because of my membership with RWA.

But I know it’s time to bow out–at least for now. So I know I am leaving but I wanted to see what other things might be affecting. You know me. I did a reading.

How will my decision to leave RWA affect me personally?

Gaian Tarot BuilderThe Emperor is the Builder in the Gaian Tarot. I love him in this deck. He is carving a pole with intricate, detailed images that feature the Green Man at the base. I actually see this as a positive. It will allow me to get back to the details of my writing. Specifically, it will remove a lot of email chatter from my life. I will miss those emails because they are a connection to other writers–many of whom I admire. I learn so much from them but sometimes I allow them to take up time that should be devoted to me.

How will my decision to leave RWA affect me professionally?

Oh the Six of Air is pointed here. I will miss communications and information that help me professionally. This will be key for me. I depend on my loops to tell me about submission calls, contests, business updates. I do see this as a positive though since this card represents victory and triumph as well. I will have to turn to other writing groups for my information. I guess I will be more active on some of the writing forums like

Overall, will it be an opportunity or an obstacle for me as a writer?

Gaian Tarot Elder of AirAnother court card with the Elder of Air. He is the King of the suit of communication. This King is an elderly gentleman (and funny how elderly keeps moving up by 20-30 years as I hit more solar returns) who is playing a flute. He is sending a message up that the Luna moth catches and carries forward. This will be an opportunity for me to focus on my craft and to communicate my desires to the Universe. I have the opportunity to be King of my own writing.

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  1. i think we’ve all had to think about this decision. i decided to stay with national but not affiliate with a local until it’s necessary. but it’s okay to resign for now. you can always re-up if you need to later. have a wonderful new year, stephanie arwen lynch. xo trudy

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