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Strangely, this card position induces a bit of stress in my world. Intimacy is a struggle for me. Is it for you? The nine of Fire tells me that to build real intimacy…

I shared a new spread on Friday called the Blooming Spread. you can check that post to see where I got the idea and what each position means.

Blooming Life

    • Card 0: Querent’s current center
    • Card 1: Embrace Joy
    • Card 2: Inspire Hope
    • Card 3: Cultivate Love
    • Card 4: Build Intimacy
    • Card 5: Celebrate Life
    • Card 6: Live Authentically

Guardian of Air Gaian Tarot

    My current center is the Queen of Air. Wow. She’s so intense. She’s focused on her communication in (the owl) and out (the bowl). I see her as a very centered woman and that is how I feel at this time. I’m very satisfied with my life. A few tweaks and it would be my dream life. She sits on snow or is it air? Barefoot. Bare head. Bare hands. It has to be cold where she is but she’s integrated into her surroundings until she is a part of them. I see this as me being very intellectually focused right now. I’m all about the message that I’m projecting.

Ten of Water Gaian TarotCard 1 is the 10 of Water. At first glance, this isn’t a very joyful looking card, right? Dead,decaying fish in the foreground. Salmon working hard to get upstream in the background? But it’s about cycles. Joy is a never-ending cycle. I find it. I embrace it. I celebrate it. I let it go so it can be found by someone else and I can move on to the next joy. It’s a plateau in a way. I am in-between one level of joy seeking and the next. I have to focus a bit more on the leaping forward so I can see what that next level will bring me. Cycles. It’s all about cycles.

Child of Water Gaian TarotCard 2 is the lovely Child of Water. This makes me very happy. I hope that others do see me as this youthful messenger of emotional opening. The child in this card is the artist’s grandbaby. She’s exploring the water. I love that her bonnet seems to have a halo of water as well. Her explorations culminate in something to show you. I hope that my explorations are the same.

And I love the childlike play this card makes me envision. I’m all about playfulness! Not enough of it in my life.

Elder of Fire Gaian TarotCard 3 is how to cultivate love. It made me giggle to see the Elder of Fire. I’m not sure her altar of life and death is what most people think of when they think of love. But she burns a herb bundle. She is sending up a prayer. Her role is to remind us that things come and they go. Joanna’s page about this card states

The Elder of Fire reminds us to open up to the Otherworld, the world of energy patterns and spirits and Invisibles. When we shift our inner reality, our outer reality shifts as well.

I take that as a 2×4 about making sure I’m listening to my intuition and changing my inner reality for real so my outer reality stays shifted. 🙂

Nine of Fire Gaian TarotCard 4 is about building intimacy. Strangely, this card position induces a bit of stress in my world. Intimacy is a struggle for me. Is it for you? The nine of Fire tells me that to build real intimacy is to get and stay centered. All the chakras need to be balanced, open and working. This isn’t something I can do piecemeal. I must be in it fully. I love his zen face. He’s so at peace. There’s no fear there. His crown chakra is open and all of his centers are glowing. Kundalini is rising because he is at one with himself.

THUD. Intimacy can’t be built until one is intimate with one’s own center.

The Wheel Gaian TarotCard 5 shows me what I need to celebrate or am celebrating. Whoo hoo! The Wheel! It is true, y’all. I’ve been getting the most amazing opportunities of late. My business on Yelp has brought me several new clients as well as two fun gigs. I got a call out of the blue from a woman who is a Reiki master as well as a Tarot reader. We are going to share an office space. There’s so much good happening in my world right now in terms of business, friends, family, home. I must remember to celebrate that with joy.

Justice Gaian TarotCard 6 is the one I added. It is a question on living an authentic life. And I get Justice in his red outfit. He is the scales. This is a card that reminds me of Libra. Balance is best. The flaming heart tells me that my heart is lighter than a feather for now. I have to continue to make sure my mouth isn’t writing checks my ass can’t cash. All around him in this card are animals who are on the brink of extinction. Those are my symbols for new habits I have developed. I must nurture them so that they don’t become extinct. They are key elements to my new authentic self. He is, according to JPC, about making ethical choices.

I’d love to hear from you about this spread. If you try it out, feel free to link your post here or just share your thoughts. Whatver you like.

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4 thoughts on “Arwen Reads For Arwen”

  1. Hi Arwen,

    Wow, the Guardian of Air is one of my favourite cards in this deck, and definitely my favourite Queen of Swords in any deck! How great that you feel that way now. And I definitely can see the Child of Water in you, your delight and joy radiating out to the rest of us. What a lovely reading, thanks for sharing it, and this great spread!


  2. Beautiful reading for self and a very cool spread to try. I’ll give it a whirl on the blog later today and link to you, Arwen. You have inspired hope already by sharing this spread/reading… Can’t wait to see what else it yields!

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