Anger, Authenticity & Blooms

But those five statements that my Facebook friend posted challenged me in other areas as well. So I thought what a great Tarot spread idea! Because my friend’s last name is Bloom, I’m calling this the Blooming Life Spread.

So a friend on Facebook posted five simple statements. I don’t know where she got them from and an internet search yielded results from rumi to Deepak Chopra to a blogger named Mary Lou. If anyone knows the source, let me know.

The statements were:

  • Embrace Joy
  • Inspire Hope
  • Cultivate Love
  • Build Intimacy
  • Celebrate Life

Such easy statements to say or write. But to live? I think there are a few challenges there. Y’all know I am all about seeking joy. I hope that I inspire people to try harder when things are bleak.

I know I get down on myself when I am not joyful. One of the reasons I beat on myself is because I feel like I’m letting others down. If I espouse “Seek joy, y’all” and make huge commitments like “I’m a professional joy seeker”, then what does it mean when I’m screaming at another driver?

Today it meant that I realized that few minutes of releasing rage made me feel better. I know the woman I was shouting at couldn’t hear me. She was safe from my anger. I didn’t hold on to the anger either. When I walked into work today, I didn’t have all that residual rage clinging to me.

Anger, and the expression of it, is something I really struggle with. Because of my background in an abusive relationship, I have avoided anger. It is something that can still paralyze me emotionally and physically. In a way, I can identify with that dog that has had a great life for many years but still flinches if someone raises a hand suddenly. The memory is there. The reality is that I have been pushed/yelled at/struck in anger. I react instinctively, just like that dog.

In a way, my Seek Joy, Y’all campaign is my way of empowering my self to not worry about anger–mine or others. It happens. It is natural. It can be expressed and released. Just because someone is angry doesn’t mean I will end up balled up in an attempt to protect myself. Every swing of the foot is not aimed at me.

But those five statements that my Facebook friend posted challenged me in other areas as well. So I thought what a great Tarot spread idea! Because my friend’s last name is Bloome, I’m calling this the Blooming Life Spread.

Blooming Life

  • Card 0: Querent’s current center
  • Card 1: Embrace Joy
  • Card 2: Inspire Hope
  • Card 3: Cultivate Love
  • Card 4: Build Intimacy
  • Card 5: Celebrate Life
  • Card 6: Live Authentically

Card 0 is the center card where you are right now. It is your center–your balance. This is a check-in to see if you are on the track you want to be on.

Card 1 shows you how you are embracing joy already. It is a positive reinforcement of things you are already incorporating.

Card 2 shows you how you inspire hope in others. This is about your outward reflection of you. This may show you ways to volunteer to help others or maybe an area where you can work a bit more to be inspirational to others.

Card 3 reminds you that love must be worked on. Think of it as a garden. It needs light and love and water as well as a continual mindfulness about what weeds you allow to grow.

Card 4 helps you bring more intimacy to your life. There are things you can do to be more intimate with yourself as well as others.

Card 5 gives you a spotlight on something you need to celebrate. This may be something you are already celebrating or it could be something that needs a bit more “whoo hoo” from you.

Card 6 is my addition to this initial statement. I hear this a lot lately. So-and-so is authentic. They do what they say. It’s my heartfelt desire that I am an authentic person. So this card is to point out how we can be more authentic in our every day life.

Check back on Sunday. I’ll post the reading I did for myself with this spread. I’d love to hear from you about this spread. If you try it out, feel free to link your post here or just share your thoughts. Whatver you like.

8 thoughts on “Anger, Authenticity & Blooms”

  1. Thank you, Chloe. What an insightful, thoughtful reading you did for yourself. I really enjoyed that. I am grateful to you for taking the time to share that.

  2. So I gave this a shot…
    Card 0 – Current Center: Six of Wands
    Triumph – the man holds a banner and wears a laurel wreath. He doesn’t look happy about returning from wherever he’s been, but wary. There’s another person in the background – he has a slight smile on his face as he follows the one returning. Possible recognition for doing something well?

    Card 1 – Embrace Joy: Ten of Cups
    Family – including a dog. Abundance, pleasure in family, security. Joy is to be found in family.

    Card 2 – Inspire Hope: Four of Wands
    Smiling woman holding a cat while others dance behind her. She looks pleased with herself and her surroundings, she’s also holding a book. From TLWB – A happy home, health & happiness. Hard work, good planning and clever use of resources resulting in a good harvest…

    Card 3 – Cultivate Love: King of Swords
    Though he’s holding a sword, he seems at ease with it, not about to attack. His surroundings aren’t “grand,” but more “homey” even though he doesn’t look all that friendly…

    Card 4 – Build Intimacy: King of Wands
    Another “stern” looking king holding a “weapon” – what does that say about me? LOL There are new leaves on the staff/wand he’s holding – might be something growing out of something unexpectedly. There’s some sort of coiled dragon or lizard on a cushion beside him. He seems totally in control, not needing anything extra to assert his authority.

    Card 5 – Celebrate Life: The World
    That says it all – take everything surrounding you and celebrate it in some way, keep in touch with nature, your environment, but keep your gaze focused upward. Success, fulfillment…

    Card 6 – Love Authentically: Knight of Swords
    Another man looking as though he’s willing to protect what is his, but not necessarily “threatening” anyone to do it. He stands with his sword drawn and a hand on his helmet. He’s near a window, but his focus is inside, not on the outside world. The pillar behind him has a carving of a man – looks like he’s “carrying” the top of the pillar. The LWB says if you want the harsh truth, ask him. That is definitely me, but I’m not sure how that ties into loving authentically…

    So…I really need to be focusing inwardly on the things I already have and be grateful and joy-filled with those things. I truly need to continue to look inward to find outward fulfillment. Fits right in with your December podcast telling Taurus’ to meditate or at least attempt to do so. Okay, put away the 2×4 I get the message! LOL

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