REVIEW: Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards

Woodland Wisdom OracleWoodland Wisdom Oracle Cards
Rev. Frances Munro, author
Peter Pracownik, artist
U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2011
ISBN: 978-1572-816916

This is a slim oracle with 29 cards total–24 main cards plus 5 Gold Power Cards. The LWB is chock-full of information. The cards themselves are the quality you’ve come to expect from U.S. Games Systems, Inc. I had a mixed initial reaction to this little oracle deck.

Let’s talk about what works. Pracownik, artist for the Imperial Dragon Oracle, Dragon Tarot, and the Lord of the Rings Tarot, shines with this deck. He deliveries images of the Fey that really resonated with me. They aren’t all emaciated frail waifs. He has male as well as female although the females are definitely dominating this deck. The images are sometimes surprisingly sexual. The male Oak Elf is unintentional, I think, but the male Grassy Fairy is very blatant. Some of the females are also sensual. I love the Chickadee Fairy stretching up out of her next. The colors and imagery really appealed to me in this deck. The LWB has quite a bit of information.

What I did not like was the heavy-handed, almost chiding tone of the author  when she gave instructions on how to do read her oracle. Munro has a deep connection with her creation, but some of her wording comes across as intolerant of any other ways of doing things with her cards. I think if you can overlook, then you will enjoy this deck. There is much to love about it especially the empowering message of the cards themselves.

My main critique is that Munro, or her guide, assumes everyone has the same power in/ power out of right in and left out. That’s not my experience. I work with my clients from their power source rather than insisting that my way is the only right way. I do like that she refers to stale vs. fresh energy rather than good/bad. That’s a…refreshing way to look at it.

There are very specific steps on how to do the reading. Reversals are addressed as being the cards way of “emphasizing the message and showing its importance to your situation.” The most cryptic of the directions is about what to do if you draw two cards together. You are to use them both for the same spot but all we are told is “this additional one is there for a particular purpose.” That purpose is never identified.

There is an overriding spirituality in this deck. At times it comes across as heavy, but the uplifting messages make up for that. Just drawing a card at random, I got the Orchid Fairy. Part of her message is

I am here to bring you the fiery cross of truth; that you are a powerful person and that you must believe in all areas of the power given. You are not holding back in all the ways you receive help, but you are not willing to succumb to your imagination enough.”

This is a luminous card. I love how her face and even her knee glows with the shimmering light. The colors are so vibrant in these cards. This may be one of my favorite things about them. I truly love colorful decks.

The next card I drew as the Chickadee Fairy. She’s one that I find very sensual. Her pose with her hands behind her head looks like she is so graceful. Part of her message is

“You are at a place now that brings you pleasure and where you can relax and enjoy life.”

The system Munro has designed (or more correctly channeled) is to use the 29 cards as the basis of the reading then draw one of the five Gold Power Cards to “bring a distinctive and realistic view of what you are able to achieve with help.”

Truth be told, I won’t use these cards as they are intended to be used. I will look at them for the art and draw them for random messages of the day. I might incorporate them into my Tarot readings as clarification or extra information. My takeaway from this deck is that the artwork and uplifting messages are worth the sometimes overbearing “do it my way” message of how to shuffle and deal the cards. Click any image to see it larger.

Woodland Wisdom Oracle Grass FairyWoodland Wisdom Oracle Orchid FairyWoodland Wisdom Oracle Elfin PrincessWoodland Wisdom Oracle Oak ElfWoodland Wisdom Oracle Chickadee FairyWoodland Wisdom Oracle Cornflower Fairy

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