Goddesses, Androids & Contests

Goddess Tarot App by Kris Waldherr
I love Kris Waldherr’s artwork and writing. She’s a multi-talented gal who constantly stretches her own boundaries. I was blown away by the Goddess Tarot for iPhone app. Now I’ve learned that she’s expanded out to the Android market as well. So I wanted to share this app with you again. AND, there’s a giveaway at the bottom. You can win this for yourself!

Here’s some comments from folks about that app.

Goddess Tarot App by Kris Waldherr

  • “Love it! Beautiful content and truly inspirational art.”
  • “Beautiful! A must-have app for any tarot enthusiast.”
  • “Beautiful design and implementation! For the price, this is a terrific buy.”

You might have noticed the repetition of beautiful? It is a gorgeous app. I use it frequently for inspiration and daily oracles. I have several Tarot apps on my phone. Kris Waldherr’s is a great representative of these apps.

You can get this app for your iPhone or your Android phone (tablet version is available.) You don’t have to be a Tarot diva to use the app either. It’s designed for everyone. I love that I can have a Tarot deck on my phone for those rare times I don’t put my own deck back in my purse.

Kris also owns and operates the digital publishing imprint Art and Words Editions that offers virtually beautiful and uncommonly inspiring digital apps and e-books. You can learn more and download at Android Market and GoddessTarot.com.


Kris Waldherr is an author, illustrator, and designer whose art has been exhibited in the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Waldherr’s award-winning books include Doomed Queens, The Lover’s Path, and The Book of Goddesses, a One Spirit/Book-of-the-Month Club bestseller. Besides The Goddess Tarot, her card decks include The Lover’s Path Tarot, the Goddess Inspiration Oracle, The Anubis Oracle and the upcoming Sacred World Oracle. Learn more about her work at KrisWaldherr.com.

Goddess Tarot App by Kris Waldherr

Now then. Who wants to win a free app for their phone? We will make this for iPhone and Android users. Here’s how to win.

First you have to go to Arts and Words Editions. Then leave a comment here about a book you would like to read or a piece of art you liked from that site. You also get five extra entries when you Twitter/Facebook/Google+ the following:

“I want to win the Goddess Tarot app giveaway from @TarotByArwen. You can try! https://tarotbyarwen.com/?p=6661”

You MUST leave that in a comment here as well including the link to your tweet or Facebook or Google+ posting.

The winner will be announced next Wednesday.

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  1. I would SO LOVE to have the Book of Goddesses! Those illustrations are soooo beautiful! Thanks for the contest, Arwen! I’m going to Tweet the contest as well…

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