Kisses, Books & Infections

I get a daily email from The Universe. They are short and to the point. Today’s particularly appealed to me.

See everyone you meet, Stephanie Arwen, as a brand new invitation to fall in love with me.

Sneaky, huh?

Kiss, kiss –
The Universe

One reason this so appealed to me is a random encounter in my company break room. I had just sat down to my lunch with a book in hand. A new employee sat down with his lunch. I remarked that his looked better than mine. His was obviously leftovers from home while mine was a Subway roast beast. He laughed.

Then a minute or two later, he commented on the book that I was reading. He wanted to know if the book I was reading had come out because of the series. The book was the first of the series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George. R. R. Donaldson. I just bought the four book boxed set for a song at Amazon. The guy and I have a very pleasant conversation about other TV shows we both watched. He recommended Oz to me but said he felt Treme was too busy trying to tell too many people’s stories.

My normal MOD at lunch is to bury my nose in a book or my phone. I give off signals of DO NOT WANT TO TALK to all so that I can enjoy my time. But today I did not. I engaged with a stranger and had a most pleasant chat. I learned a few things about my own presumptions based on someone’s outside. Yes, I had judged my fellow employee by his cover and didn’t expect to find a fellow Warehouse 13 lover. His jury is still out on the Game of Thrones series.

I pulled a card to see what my takeaway was from this encounter that seemed to be my Note From The Universe in action.

I got Child of Fire. See the look of delight on that little boy’s face? He’s experiencing everything with fresh new passion. The passion that comes from being open and childlike. The cat sits by him as companion and also, I think, guardian to make sure he doesn’t reach too close to that fire.

Joanna Powell Colbert shares

The Child of Fire laughs in delight at the flames of a campfire that dance and dazzle him. Humans have gazed into flames since the beginning of time, fascinated by the warmth, radiance, visions — and even danger — that the fire brings. Yet each new child who discovers fire discovers all this for the first time. His companion, the tabby cat, is as comfortable in the shadows as she is basking in the glow of the firelight.

So for me, this is the Universe reminding me to stay open. To fall in love with each person I meet no matter what. And by falling in love, I mean allowing myself to be open to the joy that I can find with each person. Even the customers who make me want to tear my hair out. Even those people can bring me joy if I am open to it.

I think too often I am closed down because I fear that the interaction might not be positive. This comes from a lot of accepted negativity in my life. I am readjusting my internal meter to not accept negativity. I am going to be more like this Child of Fire with an open attitude willing to try each new person and not worrying about getting burned. I will no longer allow that energy from a particularly unpleasant person to continue to infect my attitude.

So there you have it. Kisses from the Universe to book discussions to eradicating infections in my life. What are you doing today?

Gaian Tarot Child of Fire

3 thoughts on “Kisses, Books & Infections”

  1. Wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing. I too need to open up more. I build a shell around myself a long time ago. I’ve managed to rid myself of most of it, but there’s still a filmy haze lingering about.

  2. i can’t think of anything better than a chance encounter with someone who can talk books!! great story, Arwen. Glad your company is hiring people! t

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