Poem: Lady C’s Dream & Lust’s Shadow


Lady C’s Dream

“It is my fantasy,” she quipped
To find a tongue so taut that
It could flick flint to fire
Uncover me breathless at least
That is what I’ve dreamed of”

“So sad” she mournfully moaned
As she gave a delicate shudder.
“Too bad that dream is one
I’ve discovered untrue
Unless one could combine
My myriad collective of lovers.”

Stephanie Arwen Lynch

Window ~ Floor ~ Wall ~ Door ~ Against ~ Shadows ~ Through ~ Under ~ If

Lust’s Shadow

A shadow slipped under my door
As if to remind that nothing
Not bars on the window
Not bricked over wall
Nothing could keep you out
If you ever chose me again
I’d be helpless to you, Lust

I’d let you toss me to the floor
Take me against the desk
Fuck me under the table
All my denials would be
Shadows in the light
Spears through silk
If you ever chose me again

Stephanie Arwen Lynch

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