Dear Body Day 12

Just another dear body letter.

Dear Body,

WOW! Way to go! 12 days in a row with an average of 41.1 minutes? Not bad, baby, not bad at all. You might just walk that MS Walk in November instead of watching others walk. What do you think about that?

And you’ve done 30 minutes step aerobics two days in a row. Yes, you had to talk to yourself and yes, you use weird music for motivation (I mean c’mon.. .”She Thinks I’m Sexy” and Disney’s “How Does She Know” and Tanita Tikaram?) but you did it. You did not stop.

Ok, so you fell over the puppy a few times but you were still moving! You did 3150 steps today. I have no idea how many steps it takes to make a mile but I think you did AWESOME!

Don’t worry about that stupid weight thing. That’s not what we are working on here, right? Just to have energy again to go and do things!

And we got another interview. Go Team Arwen!

Now please? Do us a favor? Hit the showers. You’re kinda stinky!

Your Operator

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