WORKSHOP: Tarot For Writers Takes You On A Hero’s Journey

Tarot By Arwen will be offering a Tarot For Writers online workshop. This is a brand new workshop that will focus on plotting a novel utilizing the hero’s journey spread. Workshop will run from June 22 through July 25, 2008.

This workshop will consist of 13 lessons with the first being an overview introduction to the divination system known as Tarot. Each lesson will have an assignment. Your instructor will give feedback on every one’s assignment. The focus will be on you interpreting the story as you see it in each individual card. This workshop is suitable for any fiction genre.

You are expected to turn the assignments in on time so that your instructor can do her job on time as well. This is a participation-expected class. You need to commit to participating or you will not get as much out of the class.

The goal of this workshop is to help you learn a new way of plotting using the Tarot cards. You can expect to have an outline for your next manuscript or you can expect to have your current manuscript’s plot sorted out.

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