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I left my call for Tarot readings open so two friends who asked could post that link in their own journal. As a result, I received a very nasty comment from an individual who was too cowardly to sign with their name.

There is a great deal of speculation as to who it is. They went through an anonymizer so that their IP could be scrambled. However, they named three femmes as femmepigs and used a pathetic attempt at namecalling in their screen names.

We know a few things about this person.

1. They are from Butch-Femme.
2. They are intimidated by Snow, Kwan and June.
3. They have enough knowledge to use an IP scrambler.
4. They don’t have enough courage to say who they are.

Speculation is flying as to who this coward is. I have no confirmation that this is who people think it is.

Sadly, I fear it is. This makes me sad on so many levels. One is because this will hurt someone I treasure. Two is because it will be proof that this person is the cowardly slimeball he is thought to be and not the “in your face no holds barred” persona he attempts to be online.

I really do try to believe in the best in everyone. Even when I see people acting like asses, if I see them in a different light, I will do my best to defend them to others. Everyone can have a bad day.

However, I am no longer the doormat I used to be. I will slap the shit out of anyone who disrespects me or my friends. And make no mistake about it. I DO count the three women named as friends.

So consider this a public call to the anonymous BF coward to step forward and reveal yourself. Try to dig down deep and see if you have any ethics whatsoever. Do you have the spine to actually come out of the shadows and deal with this like an honorable human being or will you remain the worm you have shown yourself to be?

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