The Invisible Femme Rants About Naked Women

Crossposted from MySpace.

You know… I’ve been asked why I disabled HTML in my MySpace comments. I’ll tell you why. It’s Myspace commenters who use supposedly sexy pictures of naked women to promote themselves.

Do you honestly think anyone believes this is you? Do you really get off on this crap? It’s cheap and it makes you look cheap as well. And that goes for half-naked men as well. Yuck.

Whatever happened to truth-in-advertising? It truly is caveat emptor out here on the Internet. I really want a picture in my comments of some random woman’s ass. That’s so sexy.

It’s demeaning to humans as a whole to present that shit. And no, I don’t think it is erotic to have a picture of asses with words superimposed over them.

I guess this goes back to me being a prude. Do I have erotic pictures of myself? Yep, I do. I’ve had lovers who enjoyed doing that and I enjoyed it too. But you won’t find me posting it all over the Internet. The closest you will find of that is various cleavage shots from Ewe Crew parties.

I love seeing pictures of my friends. I even have at least one friend whose ass is worthy of erotic photography. However there is this line called GOOD TASTE that apparently a good percentage of MySpace folk have not just crossed but shattered.

Go ahead. Go look at some of the comments left by people. Now imagine your grandmother seeing that nonsense. Ick Ick Ick. Back to the books, gang. Try picking up a book on good taste. You may find it very enlightening.

And I don’t know what set me off on this today. Maybe the blatant crotch grabbing, ass showing, tit clutching images that are all over MySpace and another forum I am on. I have half a mind to turn off the images on my browser so I won’t be subjected to all this imagery that seems to say only skinny white women with big tits and round asses are sexy.

Maybe I am just another fat old woman who doesn’t get the Western fascination with what is supposedly sexy.

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