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ShadowMeTeresa is a charming mix of personal essays and teachings from Teresa Michelsen. One thing I adore about the blog is that I never know what I’m going to find. Posting is fairly sporadic but always entertaining. Some posts may be simply a listing of amusing bumperstickers Michelsen’s seen while others might be on lucid dreaming.

Her writing takes you places which is something I really enjoy. From a June 20, 2008 entry she shares this about where she recently moved:

I’m learning the rhythms of this neighborhood -where the sun falls in the garden at different times of day, when the mail comes, when people come and go on my street… Friday mornings are a bit challenging due to the garbage trucks that rumble in at what for me is an early hour, and then the neighbors who get out and rumble their cans back from the street just as I’m getting back to sleep 🙂

Michelsen is a published author as well. I think that polish shows in her entries. As an enviromental consultant she is not shy to share things that she thinks folks need to know. Like this:

In case you’re wondering, farmed salmon are a major problem because:
– When they inevitably escape from their pens, they compete with wild salmon for food and spawning areas, and dilute wild species with inferior genes, producing salmon that are less able to survive in the wild

She offers resources for her readers to educate themselves.

And there is Tarot a’plenty in this blog. One of my favorite entries is an older one where Teresa visits with a reader in a small shop in Mexico. Her enthusiasm shines through. Michelsen recently offered something unusual for other readers. She says:

I’ve set up a new profile on Live Person (the successor to Kasamba) for the sole purpose of mentoring tarot readers. I won’t be doing tarot readings for the public through this venue, so hopefully the pitfalls described above won’t happen. I’ll just get to talk to the people I enjoy most – other tarot readers. Having taught many online courses in the area, I’m confident I can be helpful.

While I didn’t take advantage of this offer (I still may though), I did take advantage of her Lunar readings. Her reading for me was insightful and quite frank. Something else I appreciate in a person.

Overall, if you are looking for a blog that will educate you on many levels while at the same time entertain you, I think you may really enjoy ShadowMeTeresa.

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